Tesla Stock Soars, Pushing Market Value Past Ford

Bloomberg’s David Welch discusses Tesla’s market cap surge as deliveries exceeded analysts’ estimates. He speaks with Vonnie Quinn on “Bloomberg Markets.”


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  1. steam engined trains died, steam ships are nowhere to be seen, so has the time come for petrol and diesel engines to bid adieu…time to embrace the battery powered propulsion cars and more such ones

  2. The question is if human beings(of course investors would be the first) believe that Tesla and solar power are the future , the cost and the profit right now are definitely not a big thing. It was same that many years ago, human beings believed automobiles are the future, even though at that time, horse cabs were way cheaper and faster than automobiles. Elon has nothing to worry about now because investors are pouring money to him, to be more clear, investors are pouring money to the future they believe.

  3. Mercedes sells in one month the same number of cars Tesla has produced so far. And they sell REAL cars, you can drive where you want when you want, no restriction !A Tesla is a 2tons  cheap18650 Liion (used in the past for PCs) battery pack on wheels that gives you the same autonomy 8 l of gas gives you in a car 1/4  the Tesla price.NO TESLA is electric, it just gets it from the coal, oil, gas and a bit of hydro power plants. And it takes forever to recharge, not 5 min to fill a tank giving you 700km range. For a 5min recharge, you need ONE MEGAWATT per charging plug (1000A @ 1000 V) !As for a network of fast charging station, PLEASE SHOW ME A STUDY !

  4. as they say thheres a fool born every minute.. a fool and his money soon part..
    tesla is 5 years BEHIND on production..
    every MAJOR car company will be producing 100,000 a year in 2 or 3 years.. tesla wont be able to compete..
    i dont care if it has #1 capitalization in the universe..
    its destined to FAIL..so is spaceX and solarcity and hyperloop..
    they are ALL ONE TRICK PONIES…
    but elon HUCKSTER will walk away with 100 billion of YOUR TAXPAYER MONEYS

  5. Ford has a low Price/Earnings ratio of 10 … Tesla is still bleeding money, no profit … see the problem, Tesla has a future, but stock hoopla is going to come crashing down.

  6. make great cars plain and simple. lets put crappy red radio in a car when its 2017 lets keep pumping out cars and hope people buy them. They are a brand a good one and like apple they have improvements and talk about them unlike other cars. Car industry needs a shake up and this is the wake up call.

  7. Electric cars are the future. It can not be stopped, only anticipated.

    Although electric cars aren't greener than gas cars yet, all of the pollution that electric cars generate is concentrated at the power plant while gas cars distribute that pollution all over via individual cars. Even if the cycle isn't greener, the containment is better. Eventually though, when solar replaces coal as the primarily energy source for civilization, electric cars will be millions of times cleaner than gas cars.

  8. Tesla is now an energy company that makes cars. They are competing in at least two sectors and their stock will continue to rise as long as they continue to innovate beyond anything their competitors can even imagine. Most auto makers will only do a marginal effort to stay on the run like a D student. Tesla is in it to break boundaries.

  9. Tesla, is re investing alot of money, and getting ready for the future THATS whats going on!, of course the company owners wants to make money, just imagine tesla in 10 years is gojng to get crazy

  10. Shades of the dot com bubble, the Green economy bubble and the housing bubble. Steal from those who created wealth, transfer the wealth to lying thieving dog men who serve the banksters, repeat until the wealth creators stop creating wealth. Then destroy the country, move and infect another country.

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