Tapper calls out Trump’s ‘bizarro-world’ defense in Cohen case

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CNN’s Jake Tapper discusses President Donald Trump’s claim that he didn’t direct his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to break the law.
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  1. Who will honestly lose his career wife and kids go to jail just to embarrass trump?????? This was a great plan. All I want to know were the 2 women satisfied being with him. What are the women saying??? All the drama he started, it must be.

  2. Guess what mainstream media CNN especially and all the Demons of the Democratic Party. You're almost running out of the alphabet on your plans to destroy Trump. What I find particularly interesting is every attack has been fought off the spirited or thrown out of court.now you still got smaller going on but do you know that guy is just uncontrolled fucking moron. The latest plan whatever it is hijk who knows here's what I suspected you are doing. Now you got a question on how money was spent in the inaugural and money put forward the game favored in the White House. This is another plan that will fall apart but you know what all these plans in the Democrats of used to attack Donald Trump this is what I suspect is they can't find anything on him he's not a politician when he came in he will be one when he goes out though. I say that all these plans are deals did the Democrats abused themselves in the past so they naturally suspected Trump will use all their devious politician like operations the cheap us the taxpayer so now we really know what it's all about.

  3. No Defense, would be more accurate.
    If his defense is more public lying and contradicting himself double and thrice, he should just book his room at The Federal Penitentiary.

    And: Nobody can embarrass this clown any more than this clown embarrasses himself daily.

  4. i guess before cohen was a lair can't be trusted….. then soon as he takes a plea deal omg we must trust this lairs statement against trump cause it suits our political agenda now…fucken grabing at straws. even gowdy said its not criminal at all cohen was his lawer he should have protected and worked in his best interest not stab him in back to get out of his own criminal bank fraud… you libs will just eat this bull shit all day, there is no colusion and even if there was colusion is not illegal hahahha

  5. No one is going to talk about Cohen's weird defense. He's basically blaming the WH for him lying to Congress because he wasn't told to not lie to Congress. Look it up, the defense is so confusing, it's difficult to write correctly.

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