Students accused of rape may be unfairly punished.

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Journalist Emily Yoffe explains possible civil rights infringements in an effort to combat campus sexual assaults.


  1. The problem is two fold: because schools handled accusations in the past extremely poorly, they don't want to risk losing their funding. Its much easier for them to simply presume guilt and avoid anyone claiming they pushed an accusation under the rug. Then, the second issue is that schools are not law enforcement. They dont have the privileges or ability to properly investigate these felonious accusations and shouldn't be. Any rape claim should be required to immediately passed off to law enforcement. If you don't want to press charges that fine but it shouldn't be up to a school to investigate serious crimes. Someone plagiarizes or something then that is something they can investigate.

  2. as progressives have told me for decades, theres no such thing as a false claim, women never lie, and men are by nature rapy and violent.

    and talking about my case, discourages actual victims(any woman who says she was raped, was raped, period), so, i need to keep my mouth shut and not talk about it..

    any male accused should be put down by the police, on site, their life is over anyway

  3. Both the mother and daughter are whores and should be sent to Yemen as sex slaves for lonely ISIS jihadis.
    The "one in four or five" canard is based on a slanted/biased unscientific study by feminist Mary Koss, in which kissing, touching, etc… were conflated into sexual assault and rape.

  4. The one in five…it included women being spoken to by men they didn't want to get with…that Isn't harassment…personally, i don't go near women anymore, just in case.

  5. Every time these bitches get caught the public immediately start talking about how victims won't be believed.

    They never care about the innocent person who's life got ruined because of these evil lies.

  6. I heard a DA make a statement she said that when "so called" victims have a change of heart and want to take their story back probably because they feel guilty for lying …the DA says they don't drop the charges because it's not guilt it's the victim protecting the suspect …WHAT THE HE'LL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!!!

  7. My friend got this chick laid last month and was black mailed to marrying this chick whom he met on a bar that day just because they had sex when he declined he was accused of rape thankfully there are footage in the hotel

  8. Amazing how feminists claim to benefit men and women yet completely deny that false accusations ever happen. I have no issue with feminists doing things that help women, just don’t falsely claim that they have men’s issues in mind as well.

  9. I am someone who was falsely accused of sexual assault. Almost punched my screen when she started describing this because it was just like what happened to me. It's turns my stomach so much. This is still on going.

  10. False rape accusations are why I believe death penalty should be enforced. Same applies to actual rapists.
    Think about it, falsely accusing someone of rape, or raping someone, are worse than murder.
    Murder will end the life of the victim, but these? They will ruin long long years which can also lead to suicide.
    If the actual penalty for false accusations was high, whores will think a lot before making them.

  11. It wasn't alleged, it was rape. You must believe women! You must believe women! Video tapes don't matter you must believe women. Quit being insensitive to the victim!

  12. this news is like 4 years old but i have to say. is that even a question to ask whether the accused has more to loose? of course! don't you know that the society punishes rapists? that's including the falsely accused men even before being officially proven guilty, through social media, at his work place, more like previous work place cuz men usually get fired shortly after being accused, long before he is even proven guilty and pretty all life oppertunity taken away long before any conviction, only at an accusation.
    yeah that's a male privilege right?

  13. I've been struggling over all these accusations of sexual misconduct, especially in College… by young Men. It is sooooo easy to get laid out there, especially in College… how can young men be trying to force themselves on young women? When sex is just something to do when you have nothing else to do, there's no reason to try to force yourself on someone. It's like dealing in illegal pot in a state where pot is legal! So… Where is the disconnect??? I can't tell Men to stop being hard wired to want women, I can't tell women to sop being hard wired to want men; so how do we keep this from happening???

  14. Anyone saying 1 in 4 woman in college get raped should be laughed out loud and thought of as an IDIOT for saying stupid shit as that. If 1 in 4 woman get raped would be true then it would be the NUMBER 1 STORY IN THE NEWS AND WOMAN WOULD HAVE FUCKING HUGE PROTESTS and I would be right there with them supporting them but guess what MILLONS OF WOMAN IN COLLEGE DONT GET FUCKING RAPED YOU STUPID INBRED MOTHERFUCKERS BECAUSE LOGIC.

  15. Drew must be a liberal. If he was a republican he wont be getting the coverage. They would be screaming down the rafters screaming guilt before due process. Vote republician in the mid terms to bring back sanity and due process.

  16. something is see…is people say its hard for a woman to report a rape. it may be emotionally difficult etc…but it isn t legally. if a woman says she s been raped, the police seem to take it very seriously as do universities. and not only does it not seem difficult, the universiteis, police, various groups tend to very much back up women with allegations of rape. its interesting, some people said it was difficult for dr ford to come out and tell her story, yes, sure its difficult… however, she certainly was heard…etc. she told her story, many women and men backed her up. now some people didn t . but its not legally difficult, usually, and there are people, and esp some women, that you just say you are raped, they are there to back you up and your story. there seem to be many rules and laws according to assaults, and things esp vs women. i don t think its that difficult to come out and say you ve been assaulted or raped, in terms of you will be backed up by various women and men, and legal people, certail lawyers, activists. the reason it is so powerful for a women to come out with a story of assault etc…, is when some women, at certain times, know they have power when they lie about it. certain women know if they don t like a guy or if they want revenge, all they say is i ve been assaulted by him etc…and they ruin his life. thats not exactly difficult in terms of people listening to your story or complaint.

  17. This #MeToo movement is so important for women and men that are assaulted or raped, that higher punishments should be applied to people that falsely accuse. This chick should be held accountable for ruining the life of this young man. She should be held accountable – by suing her for the loss of opportunity, loss of wages and she should be flagged as a false accuser (similar to how they flagged him as a rapist).

  18. If u lie about rape u should get that same time the rapist would of got………. it's not a fucking joke.

    Funny, women get hurt … me too movement is born….

    Men get lies on… about rape……and we deal with it case by case…..

    We dnt start a movement calling all women lairs…….

    I wonder why that is…..

  19. If you're fiance isn't fucking you, she fucking someone else, maybe even your father. So she does it, or forget it. And if you're fiance fucks someone else, you are a cuckold! That is, damned!

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