Sony Seeking Over $20,000 From Pirated PS4 Console Seller

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First Nintendo cracked down on people who pirated first party games and now Sony is demanding $20.3K from a pirated PS4 games and console seller. Let’s discuss.

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  1. I think that before demanding left and right sony should start by making a reliable product, I mean that damn blue light of dead should be costing the more sales than all the piracy, I know that Im not buying a ps4 and that is one fo the reasons.

  2. I got a Dragon Quest 8 demo and loved it and then bought the game. That game came with a demo of FF12 which I loved and bought the full game. I tried the demo for FF15, before that demo I hated FF15, after the demo I loved it and bought it. Demos help sell their games. bring them back!

  3. Rich I used to buy my games for the PlayStation 1 years ago and also selling jailbreak uncle I don't think people should be not getting away with that I think it's punish for

  4. Some speculate consoles are coming to an end and all games will be on the PC so far most, if not all consoles are technically piratable. Even PC games get cracked and put online. Movies and shows are streamable on a site. Almost everything is pirated. There are even some movies you can watch on Youtube. (Before they get taken down).

  5. What all three of the major console makers should do is every game should have a demo that can be streamed immediately and if you like it buy it for download or the full game streamed.

  6. If you want to sell a jailbreak PS4 that is YOURS , sony has nothing to do with it. The ps4 is yours not sony. If you want to explode a bomb or jailbreak your PS4 is your problem. Jailbreak consoles are not only for piracy , a lot of people use to homebrew or to install other OS likes windows or linux.

  7. hey I use to pirate games on my PS3 then after I just go buy the disc , I did this because too many times I go the gamestop and see a game and say that looks cool then it turn out to be crap and I had to return it which was time consuming and a waste of my time.

  8. Well, he was stupid enough to sell consoles with games on it. Not so long ago someone tried (or still tries) to sell a RetroPie console with preloaded games. Quite a few and of course not actual games, but nonetheless.
    The only thing I'm asking myself: Does selling a jailbroken console make you a criminal?

  9. Broderbund is still technically around, they are part of The Learning Company but they have not developed a single game (to my knowledge) since 1998. Last I heard back in 2017 Broderbund was being offered for sale.

  10. They do not want people playing the older games, for there is no money in that. They want people to buy and play the new games only as long as there is money to be made in that direction !! That's how they feel about that !

  11. OMFG PC gamers are such thief's. They can't stop illegally downloading games and play them without paying…. this is so annoying.

    ohh ps4 is a console. 🙂

  12. I would think Nintendo would make people pay that much for running a ROM site, that not only has games Nintendo doesn't own, but are on old systems and games themselves no one cares about, or forgets. This, however, is stuff from a PS4, not an NES.

  13. How can they sue him? If he sells "used" consoles, where is the legal leverage? Some could argue, if he's selling them in greater margins, then he is a vendor of sorts. But thats about it. Its not illegal to own, sell used or buy hacked and outdated cuntsoles.

  14. My honest opinion. You SHOULD jailbreak your ps4. If you rub Sony the wrong way they reserve the right to terminate your account along with thousands of dollars worth of digitally purchased games.

    You should jailbreak your system, and you should buy games.

  15. Hey Rob, here is a pretty good synopsis of why demos typically don’t work. I’m a big fan of you, you always tell it like it is! I don’t agree on everything you post but it’s refreshing to hear someone state their mind in a logical manner. Anyway, I hope you see this I’m just hoping this maybe will give you a new perspective because it certainly opened my eyes!

  16. I think nintendo should not of sued people who are just presving history
    I mean if its old games why they wont lose money
    Demos are good because its help consumers and it helps people with there pc

  17. JailBroken PS4 consoles will help Sony sell more hardware Sony will bring Up the PS5 sooner because of this JaiBriken PS4 stuff, you can play Free games if you have Jailbroken PS4

  18. i miss demos i think the reason they dont do demos any longer is cause games come out now unfinished so they dont want u to c that until u buy. imagine if there waz a demo for FALLOUT 76 😂

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