Several injured in California bar shooting – BBC News

Police in the US are responding to reports of a shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.
At least six people, including one officer, were injured in the shooting the Borderline Bar and Grill at about 23:20 local time on Wednesday. It is not yet clear if anyone died.
Police say they are still working to get the situation under control.
Witnesses have spoken of at least one suspect and police cannot confirm if he remains on the loose.
They describe the scene as “fluid”.
The bar was hosting a college country music night on Wednesday, according to its website.
Footage broadcast on local media showed people being carried away from the scene, apparently with bullet wounds.

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  1. Wow, even this guy seems to be acting. I hate conspiracies but have to admit this seems like bad acting. I can't explain it because I don't disbelieve any of it, but this guy is not acting like real sheriffs do in real shootings, that's easy to verify. Not sure what is up here but clearly he is making extra effort to not confirm or deny anything because he knows the story hasn't been finished writing yet. Something's up on this one.

  2. Oh my God… Why did they even send this guy out for an interview? He didn’t have one answer to any of the questions… Something is fishy about this event. I smell a false flag

  3. There is definitely a deeply buried disturbance in the American society that causes these insane shootings.If I want to kill myself,I will not be taking innocent lives with me.This madness will continue as long as the government believes the solution revolves around guns laws.America needs a nation-wide campaign headed by sociologist and psychologist to pinpoint the root-cause of this madness.

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  5. These are Hollywood actors. There's no such thing as a shooting fake news????????? can't wait for this clown to tweet this bullshit out? American terrorist are killing Americans in America that's what we need to talk about instead of a damn wall

  6. Ah Good news
    Americans killing each other is the greatest sport ever .
    I m waiting for days of drone strikes and multiple nukes in USofA

  7. What? And noone there to counter attack with gun?? Its americas excuse against gun Control, that anyone can have gun and react when someone is shooting innocent people. So where are they????
    Another shooting in USA…day like today

  8. Say no to guns all-over the world.guns kills only,we r also suffering same in Pakistan.feel so up set when this happens,n no body to stop so many time all-over world,god bless who has gone, help us GOD to get rid of guns n ammunition's n send us peace , AMEEN

  9. I fail to understand the mindset here….you have debates on immigration and think they are a threat
    …..but no one wants to have a referendum on mass shootings and take away guns from the public…what is wrong with the USA??….innocent lives are being lost but you still dont look this as a problem???….wake up!!!

  10. People fail to realise this is people families. People are dying.. what if this was you or your family? Shootings are being brushed off your palms saying, hope it dont happen again! It will happen again.. ban guns Its that SIMPLE.

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