Senator bought defense stock after pushing military spending increase

Republican Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, the chairman of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee, blamed his investment firm for a purchase of thousands of dollars in defense stock and claimed he was unaware of the transaction at the time.

According to a Senate financial disclosure report, Inhofe listed a purchase of $50,000-$100,000 in stock in US defense contractor Raytheon, days after successfully pushing the Trump administration for more Defense Department spending. Inhofe’s communications director said he canceled the transaction when he became aware of it.
Inhofe told CNN in an interview Thursday on Capitol Hill that he had “no saying in any of the investments that took place” by Capital Advisors, an Oklahoma-based investment management company.
The Oklahoma senator said he “intentionally” uses a third-party adviser “so I don’t have any decision or any choice in what they invest in.”
“And this way, in fact, I don’t even know about it,” Inhofe told CNN. “I don’t even know what they invest in.”

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  1. Big Surprise …Sen. James Inhofe …the guy that has been taking millions of dollars from oil and coal companies every year and wants to tell us that has no bearing on his crusade against doing anything about Global Warming …now wants people to believe his defense stocks had no link to his vote…. scumbag

  2. This is such bullshit of course he knew!! He's not going to sit there and say that. He wants to protect his seat, his money, and his reputation and is willing to lie to cover it up. Wtf CNN. Quit protecting these corrupt politicions!

  3. DRAIN THE SWAMP ….. START FROM THIS senator. How much more $$$$$ does he want in this world ?? His pay as a Senator is not enough ?? I hate GREEDY people.

  4. Republicans and their NRA and fossil oil lobbying…
    That's why they refuse to acknowledge climate change. It will destroy their business. They treat americans like idiots. They would sell guns to 4yo kids if they could. Trumptards are so fucking retards they can't see their own party is the one pushing for wars overseas. Then they blame a democrat president because he will have to deal with the deficit caused by it.

  5. Should get hard time in a true penitentiary rather than one those cushy white collar institutions he will get sent to…what am I talking about? He will only get a slap on the wrist, if that.

  6. Time for him to go.. be sure he isn't the only one in his circle that did the same…. market manipulation to fill up their pockets.. him and all his friends. Black market tactics. Using his government position, to bank off the government position that places him in the place of knowing.. beforehand.. personal interest..

  7. Here’s another Senator and Republican enriching himself and his family, it’s time to get rid of this Senator and charge him with insider trading, another one who’s going to get away with this wrong doing, they know exactly what there doing and to say I didn’t know that was illegal isn’t cutting it with the people, these old senile white privileged idiots should be jailed….

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