Sen. Jeff Merkley shocked by death of 7-year-old migrant at the border

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D- OR) joined New Day to discuss issues at the border, building the wall and a potential government shutdown.


  1. And this bitch is so much behind Republicans u can tell by the way she went at him I guess she's to good to be true I hope she loses something very important in her life then she will know what it's like to have things gone taken away for no damn reason

  2. The little girl was not given food or water from her parents for several days. She was only in the custody of border patrol for a few hours, and would have died in either case. The 163 illegals picked-up were provided food and drink after arriving to the compound, which was 90 miles away.

  3. Trump approaches towards illegal immigrants IS NOT based in a desire to protect America, they're based in hatred of racial minorities, and mean-spiritedness. If Trump were honestly concerned for the safety and security of all Americans, he'd use his energies to secure funding to pay for the construction of a wall surrounding the 8800 mile perimeter of the ENTIRE United States.

  4. Good job CNN! Of course you and Sen Merkley left out the fact that this girl hadn't had food or water for nearly a week prior to her being brought to the border, illegally, or that asylum was offered in Mexico. Put the blame where it needs to be – on the father who let this happen to his little girl! CNN truth in reporting at its best 😣

  5. according to both Washington post and new York times 45 or individual one said 5000 lies which means that almost every thing that came out of his mouth is lies. as I said only a blind man or woman believe what individual one says, I hope that people raise up and see that 45 or individual one is very dangerous for America.

  6. This guy just said Trump borders policies are designed to traumatise kids. DESIGNED!
    Like they’re sat round a table coming up with ways to deliberately traumatise kids at the same time arrests for child trafficking and pedophilla are at an all time high. Liberal logic folks.

  7. Christ people, how hard is it for you to understand a child just died? Yes, the proximal cause of her death was dehydration from the journey through the desert but its not as if her parents put her through it to be cruel, they put themselves through the same thing, or because they were desperate to pose some non-specific threat to the US. They did it because they believed it was the only way to give their little girl a life worth living. Her parents too a calculated risk and it didn't work out. It's not their fault, or anyone's fault really, just a tragic twist of fate.

    The funny thing is, if she was a lump of cells sitting in her mother's womb, without consciousness or feeling, a lot of you who are being so callous about this girl's death would be outraged and harping on about the sanctity of life and such.

  8. He comes from a long line of immigrant criminals and immigrant cowards who flee their country to avoid mandatory military and illegally enter America and open a brothel. No balls on the males of that family tree

  9. Some great news! Obamacare was declared unconstitutional by a court. The so-called signature achievement of the worst president in history, is no more. This is an answer to my prayers.

  10. US better kill all this illegal immigrant, that is what every US Trump support group like. Just shoot them all or probably you want to gas all of them, or drown them in a lake or throw them into the ocean. There it is i give you all the idea which you (US) also think of. Just Do It !

  11. These people are selfish. The central american mexican society is selfish. Greed money far worst then america. They claim national pride but will not do anything to help the countries they come from. Thats why there is massive corruption. Greed. All they want is a big truck or prada purses. Very sad society you would kill you own kids for money.

    Most americans dont know the truth. But if you ever lived there you would

  12. No one promised a safe journey nor a safe haven that the family undertook. The parents should be held liable for putting their lives on the line. They were warn not to take on the dangerous trek. Heck, everyone knew it was dangerous that is why they traveled in a caravan. So sorry for her and her family, and all who is going through tough times. But we need to take into account what lurks beyond our borders.

  13. Dec. 6, Jakelin, her father and the rest of their group went to a closed port of entry to cross illegally into the U.S. They then turned themselves in to Border Patrol agents and were taken into custody in New Mexico.

    A Customs and Border Protection official told reporters that the child initially appeared well and her father signed a form stating she had no significant health problems. A Guatemalan official told Buzzfeed News that the form was in English and the father, who speaks a Mayan language, may not have understood Border Patrol agents’ explanations.

    They waited several hours to be transported to Lordsburg, New Mexico, and had access to water and restrooms in the meantime, officials said.During the three-hour bus ride, Jakelin began to vomit and suffer seizures. She had a fever of nearly 106 degrees, according to DHS. Her father said the child had not been able to consume water or food for days, the agency said in a statement.Jakelin was then taken to a hospital by helicopter. She died there on Dec. 8.

  14. If only there were a technology that we could develop that we could fly things over the wall to see what's going on or maybe a box with a lens on it that we could position and point to the other side of the wall that would help us see what was happening on the other side. If only that technology was developed. Hmmm.

  15. "Sen. Jeff Merkley shocked by death of 7-year-old migrant at the border"
    Look at the numbers that have died within the borders. He was throwing paper towels when he should have had a golf cart and defibrillator.

  16. Pay attention, there is a reason why the trump administration wants these kidnapped kids. Somebody needs to be looking at the exporting these children to Russia with the assistance of gun violence groups like the NRA.

    We must Never Let these Children be FORGOTTEN – and We must put our own children in such a position to understand why We Must All Speak Up.

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