See untouched water bottles in Puerto Rico

A stockpile of about 20,000 pallets of undistributed bottles of water delivered in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria is sitting on an unused runway in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. CNN’s Bill Weir reports.


  1. You need to do some coverage on their local drivers and the local politics involved in not getting this water to the people. Don't blame FEMA or our President for the corruption in that country.

  2. I can’t believe trump snuck out of his bedroom window and flew down there in the middle of the night to hide that water under those tarps so nobody would see them and drink it and flew back home, climbed back in his window without anybody knowing. What an asshole.

  3. where's the mayor on this… with the magnitude of damage from this hurricane all aide operations should of required the upmost oversight, chiefly ground prep, communications and receiving operations as a collaboration . The condition of the stockpile was observably intact so they where definitely unloaded with care, how did all that get passed … i know I'm ranting here but seems like too big of an operation to go unnoticed… from what I've researched FEMA's response is a very important part of the rescue and recovery but it also takes a community and local government effort ; the Puerto Rican people are resilient and they would've definitely got to it if they'd known…

  4. Now what do you think of the so called president now this is an outrage all that water gone bad because it sat there all that time they couldn’t get trucks to come and distribute it through put the island wowww Trump your an idiot

  5. Oh CNN, STFU.
    It was corrupt P.R. officials that didn't distribute the assistance properly.
    The 'Ms Nasty tee shirt mayor' was complaining about the lack of aid – behind her were pallets of goods. Giving interview
    slamming TRUMP while there was work to be done? BTW, She's in jail now > corruption.
    Stupid ass CNN, …. THINK …. At least P.R. has a stock pile of water should it be needed. Local authorities are inefficient.

  6. Glaring example of how Puerto Rico can't get anything done. FEMA got ittl there and the PR Government can't get it the test of the way. The US military stock piles water like this all the time no excuse PR.

  7. Another fine example of Americas success delivering water to these animals, and they let it lay in the sun and do nothing with it. Lazy fucking Ricans!!!!!Thats why they are in such bad shape. Are we supposed to wipe their asses too. Get real people! Then they blame Trump. What a joke!

  8. Puerto Rico is suffering from high levels of government corruption currently. It is the fault of the local governments for not organizing transport or not communicating. That water sitting there was sent in bulk so that the people can take as much as they need. Somewhere along the line the PR government went and dropped the ball. Instead of smearing the President on making good on his word, maybe you should investigate deeper on the government corruption in Puerto Rico.

  9. After Volunteering at Katrina for 10 months I promise you that no volunteer agency or government agency can facilitate all the distributions during the chaos of a hurricane. No President can fix everything because it is not possible to foresee the unforeseen. Politicizing a hurricane is absolutely nonsense.

  10. This sight was burned in my head and I been thinking about it all day. I can't not believe that either the US government or the Puerto Rican government just let that water set there for almost a year now. I whole heartedly understand the magnitude of what the people of Puerto Rico went through. They are our family, Americans through and through. And most definitely deserves statehood as they are part of The United States of America. But someone should answer for this waste of taxpayers money, in either Administration. US or Puerto Rico, I really hope someone finds something to do with it and not let it further go to waste

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