See Trump’s sarcastic response when asked about investigation

President Trump mocked House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) after he announced a broad investigation into President Trump’s finances. #CNN #News


  1. And this c**ksucker wolf gang baster should go ahead and f**k hem self with this Socialists communist NSA deep state c**ksucker! F**k you f**k you bitch! You should all be jail doing 25 years to life with no chance no chance of parole till they do all there time they have to do what's this c**k sucker what's this what's this mother f**ker get the f**k off my phone stupid NSA c**ksucker officer!

  2. I am on NO sides ..I make my self Clear.. IF you could Do HALF IN YOUR LIFE AS WHAT and as well as MR. TRUMP has done ..

  3. No Mr. Chump, it doesn't hurt our country that you are beeing investigated against, it hurts you, leave us out of your corrupt world, you are on your own, deal with it, thank you !!!

  4. Trump confuses liberty with Liberia. The way he's going the U.S. will never be socialist as long as he can continue his dictatorship. He's a low level populist thug.

  5. The American economy has been going steadily up for the last 8 years !
    There was less unemployment 14-16 under Obama !
    Trump takes the credit for the years he wasn’t president lol
    The guys a fukin nut job !

  6. The Orange Buffoon, who has never held a political office before, who literally has NO EXPERIENCE OR CREDENTIALS WHATSOEVER, calls Adam Schiff a "political hack," a man whose political experience and credentials would FILL VOLUMES. …. This deplorable, despicable MORON HAS TO GO RIGHT NOW.

  7. according to putin and trump MUELLER INVESTIGATION is a witch hunt, why does trump deny russia contact when no one says a word about russia,but trump yells out I'm not involved with russia even when nobody ask trump of anything Russian?

  8. We need a federal law like Florida's law 825-102- Where a group or person could be charged for aggravated abuse against the elderly **this is what is going on against the the Demorats scumbags ***DR KEL

  9. Recruit Strumpbag, i am gunnery sgt
    hartman..from now on you will speak when spoken to, and the 1st and last word
    out of your sewer mouth will be "sir" you lying maggot bone spur
    understand that. you sound like you got a pair, ure the lowest form on earth.
    ur a human fkg pig..a piece of worm

  10. 1:05 notice how there is a small wave going through the heads of all the Yes Men when he says "presidential harassment" they're like "whoops here goes another one" and it's like they have to check out how other people are reacting to it.

  11. Mainstream media is not going to tell you the truth. If you want real knowledge and wisdom you have to think for yourself. Seek it like gold. It will not be given to you.

  12. Here we go again! If the Communist Clown Nutwork wants to predict Trump's reelection bring it on, we remember the last time like it was just two years ago! And if the bubble headed Jew shiff wants a try let him, we all know what's happened to the last crew of Jews in the FBI and Doj! MAGA!

  13. Mr Schiff does not hack and that’s not what makes him so popular! Rather, he works his butt off tracking down real facts in writing or sworn to in a court of law, to find out what the hell you are doing to wreck our nations reputation and economy. He has enough good morales to make up for your lack of such and the GOP’s failure to keep you in line…in fact to aid you in wrecking our once-admired economy and democracy!
    Look out trump….Mr Schiff has more than enough brains, fortitude, and honesty in his soul, to keep on going and yes INVESTIGATING you until you and your dirty tactics (with your families help) are answered for on all counts and all your cohorts in the Russia-gate scam are locked up for a very long time…sorry, but Mr Schiff also believes that “yes, a president can be impeached…and yes, can be indicted”! One more thing, he is not lazy and puts in a full day at work…not tweeting or watching TV, but, chasing facts and he is catching a whole lot of them! (Thank you Mr Schiff….please run for president..we deserve an honest,brilliant president after all the crap we have had to put up with)

  14. Idiots, California has got so many problems this moron chases bullshit. I thought they were supposed to help people. That Cortez girl at least shes trying. Your comments are demented. Research yourself.

  15. Says the party supporting late term abortion. Sick disgusting pigs. See how false this shit is. So his speech is by partisan only because these dirty woman didn't clap on every important achievement? You should listen to the starting of this speech. It's for the people of america. Also if socialism is going to be the democrat focus in 2020. They already lost the election. Honestly its a waste of time to even vote. Trump won 2020. Honestly too, Adam shiff is a fucking moron.

  16. When the Bloated Drama Queen and nasty two bit grifter decides to throw one of his daily incoherent temper tantrums, he has all the charm, diplomacy and tact of Norman Bates' mother screeching at her son to commit another heinous crime (not to mention sharing a somewhat similar tonsorial motif with the dusty old bag). In terms of his intellectual capacity and morale courage, he's evocative of another "stable genius" who can be viewed at this link:

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