See physics behind why buildings crumble

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CNN’s Tom Foreman explains the strength of the tornado in Oklahoma and why some buildings couldn’t withstand the force.


  1. Wow there is so many motherfreaking trolls down here in this comment section. I didn't know that a tornado could dig trolls from out of a ground too. lol

  2. Why isn't debris a factor in this demonstration? A tree hitting your house a 15mph will do damage. As the tornado destroys more homes, it picks up more debris and increases its potential for destruction. Was this demonstration created for an elementary school class. Step it up CNN.

  3. There are small changes that can be made in building codes that can improve numbers. I thin 220 is probably fine for homes. It would be good to possibly relook at schools. I know, for instance roof strapping is required for homes in certain building zone. Maybe there are fairly minor framing changes that make more sense than marble floors.

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