SE Cupp: Trump’s nationalist rhetoric has a cost

CNN panelists discuss how the issue of immigration and the rhetoric surrounding it could affect the Republican voting base ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. #CNN #News


  1. When you post FACTS the racist come out
    my statement was to imply that through Barack Obama we saw American diversity 44 white president's where do you see diversity or equality eventually they'll be a Hispanic and Asian President one day
    Some of you white ppl kill me ..or wanna kill me

  2. Being pro-american will come at a cost says S.E. cupp because most americans hate this country and want it to fail because this vote is either you pro-america or your not.

  3. PATHETIC CNN SAY ALL THE TIME Trump lying on "everything"??? COME ON. Everything Trump said during that montage were obvious and well known truths. MSNBC, CNN, NEW YORK TIMES, proves itself FAKE NEWS! And those early voting results prove all the polls to be FAKE NEWS suppression polls.

  4. The Republicans are coming for our livelihoods, everything else is a
    distraction. The wealthy used their tax cuts to buy super yachts.
    Corporations used theirs to buy back $700 billion in stock to make the
    wealthy wealthier while only $7 billion was spent on bonuses and wage
    increases. The Republicans are loading us up with debt to pay for their
    tax cuts and they are planning to give themselves another big cut. The
    Republicans want to take away affordable healthcare so a doctor's visit
    will leave you in debt. Education is getting worse and is becoming less
    affordable. Roads and bridges are crumbling. Police and fire departments
    are getting cut. Food insecurity will become more prevalent. And
    Republicans plan on cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
    Voting Republican is voting against your own self-interest. Oh my, but
    the immigrants are coming, the immigrants are coming.

  5. it's 2018 and the MSM has convinced millions of brainwashed children that Nationalism is a bad word and Socialism is the answer.

    and the kicker….they all wear Che shirts, and voted for a woman who was mentored by a KKK member.

    fucking idiots.

  6. The left absolutely must tell people what to think, what to say, what to feel, and what to do. The left must punish those that do not conform to their dictates. The problem is…. the percentage of Americans buying it anymore is dwindling. Too far too long… time to lighten up, before the cost that these people aren't talking about happens.

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