SE Cupp mocks Fox interview as ‘infomercial’

CNN’s SE Cupp discusses President Donald Trump’s interview with Fox News, which she describes as an “infomercial.” #CNN #News


  1. Will someone please put all trump’s accounts on hold including all accounts related to family members, businesses, inaugural’s funding, trump foundation and re election campaign funds. They all have a roof over their heads, so it’s no hardship to put things on hold until a thorough investigation can be conducted. Am betting, as soon as the money dries up, he will be leading the stampede to get out the back door of the WH to secrete himself down to Venezuela to catch his Russian Uber that is currently double parked with the meter running.

  2. I don't think we even elected that president. I don't think (and I have to check), I don't think they even voted for that candidate…I don't think we made a vote for that candidate….I don't think we made a vote….I was asking the question like A: I don't think we made a vote…..and look every lawyer…look, here's a piece of paper that says I'm a good person…..look….look.

  3.…. It has totally smashed main stream media… Nobody believes a word of state run propaganda any more… Its a beautiful day for the world…. The rise of nationalism is inevitable…. The world knows it…. You can all thank your sick lies and propaganda… Their will be a major war…. And your disgusting lies and agendas are to blame…. Soon the U.N. will burn along with your propaganda.

  4. Faux News & trumpf symptoms/ supporters will cheer on their simpleton cult president even when he is incarcerated, and behind federal prison Walls, and bars. He will continue to tweet, Skype, live stream from within his luxury suite for profit prison cell.
    No need to worry he won't be lonely, he has made sure his homies have been arrested, and locked up before him.
    Misery loves company!
    "Trump the real American tragedy story from high priced skanks, to low level ice picks and shanks"🙈😆

  5. Oh man go out in style, say THE MEXICANS DID IT. There is more of a chance that people will actually believe that! Say MS13 is involved, they put a gun on Cohen to lie, helped by the deep state, all because I wanted to build a wall and they can't smuggle drugs and rapists and some good people anymore.

  6. Want to know if 45 is lying or not?? He has a VERY BIG tale is him talking I know its (Breaking news!!) For 45 is a lying mofo and he's coming unraveled before our eyes.

  7. I'm glad he's denying the truth, he's tangling himself up with a very long rope. All of this will be used to expose him finally in court and the reality of his actions will kick in when he's in an orange suit. It's all just a matter of time.

  8. I don't know what is worse RUMP trying explain was trying to explain away his association with Cohen OR FAUX new trying to make them selves look like a legitamite network by sticking up a Black person to do the interview.

  9. On the day that I voted for Hillary Clinton I wandered into a Kroger grocery in Delaware Ohio, on the way to vote, to buy an apple to eat while I stood in line, I saw the current edition of the National Enquirer. I was so repulsed by the Enquirer's Clinton attack cover I saw on display that I walked past all the check-out lines, grabbing up all the Enquirers, strode to the nearest garbage can and stuffed them in. Things got a little complicated after that.

    There is no shortage of sadistic and cruel people in our country who think they're clever, funny, important. Normally they only get away with their behavior occasionally. David Pecker and Donald Trump have made a career of being sadistic liars and irresponsible jackasses. Publishing an ongoing hate campaign that is full of lies as satiric humor is beyond sick and stupid. Its cruel, irresponsible, and it shows what an empty-headed low-life Pecker is. Rocky and Bullwinkle were political, Mad Magazine is political, political satire is political, the Enquirer is trash. Its trash because its published by an adult jackass clown who doesn't know where the lines that separate responsible and irresponsible are. Pecker is cashing in on hatred and sadism. He's dangerous only because he's stupid. He's not doing anything special or unique, he's not providing anything of value to anyone, he's just cashing in on invoking hatred and cruelty. In Trump he found an endless shit spigot of sadistic filth.

    No, I didn't get into any trouble in the Delaware Ohio Kroger. The rest of that story belongs to me, but in a variety of ways, in both my business and personal life, I am working to end the Republican Party, and will do so for as long as I live. It isn't enough just to vote anymore. We must end the Republican Party.

  10. It's actually so interesting. This is sad. Were supposed to be united as a nation. As American citizens you shouldn't bad mouth your president, you need to let the loss go and now try to make america better with the opposite politic. It's not about who is president, it's about making america the #1 nation in the world. Seeing these Youtube channels get so much Donald Trump hate in the comments because they are liberal networks, but if you go to fox news Youtube channels it's all praise to Donald Trump. If you see how media is trying to create a war and separate classes/AMERICANS. Community is power. People together is POWER. I as a republican went through all democratic presidents and have been pushing for America and our president. Wether you like it or not he is our president and you should not bad mouth him. Talking about how he has done something you don't like is fine but making a mockery of our president is so wrong. The world is so different nowadays back then people were in support of either president if they lost and proud to be an AMERICAN.

  11. What else can we expect from a Fox News interviewer. Softball questions, no real enquiry or probe regarding answers given. Fox News lived up to it's billing as a right wing propaganda mill. This is what right wingers would probably dubb "real news" and a "real interview" because their ears got tickled, and Fox does a lot of that.

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