Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X! Which Should You Buy?

Is Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Better VS iPhone X? Design, Display, Camera, Speed, Battery, Features & Complete Comparison Review.

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  1. The S9 is better in every way than the iPhone X. The only reason you should buy an iPhone X is if you've already wasted a thousand dollars into Apple's ecosystem.

  2. I’m watching this because I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it’s a good phone, but it glitches a lot and is kinda outdated. Since I have had this phone for a long time and my birthday is next year (turning 13)I was considering what phone to buy. I think I’ll get the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I have had a Samsung before, and I really want to try one again. I know some might think I’m young to get a phone that expensive but I go get good grades and I am in honors English’s and honors math, so i think if I keep up all my good grades I deserve a new phone.

  3. Believe me i switched from Iphone X to S9+ two days ago and i literally tell you don't buy shity phones of apple, Same design same functions nothing change, on the other hand, For once use samsung and feel the amazing infinity super Amoled display, You will not regret

  4. Every single time somthing about the s9s are better he goes on to say but the iPhone is basicly the same yet its acually crap if yku thnk about it it dies in water really fast it breaks super easy and its expensive like crazy it js extreamly pricey to get fixed and the 9s just have so many features yet he frys so hard to make the x lokk better dude just get over the fact that the x is junk also he didnt say qich one to buy he just said the 9
    Is a worthy upgrade

  5. Bought a Samsung S9 for around 400$ refurbished. Couldn't find an iphone X anywhere near that price. Pricing and hardware I say Android. All apple truly has a more festive camera and easier to use software. #S9!

  6. Wtf did i just watch? Same design? 😂 not really bc samsumg used to be really ugly. Also iphone camera quality kinda sucks when it comes to pro photography on your phone. Pretty sure almost everyone that watched this video prefers the S9. Just an opinion.

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