1. To everyone saying get the s10 over the s9.. here's the situation with that.. not much difference, except the price. I went into Tmobile to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and being a customer for 5 years I can pretty much walk in and get anything I want with no money down, just pay the taxes and walk out. I asked about the s10 and they wanted $225 down and $30/mo. The s9 was $0 down and $25/mo. I like to save money.. I went with the s9. Best phone I've ever had does everything I need and more! Got my son the same phone last weekend for his 13th birthday. Upgraded his from an LG. The s9 is on sale right now for $650.

  2. If you actually get these Dbrand skins on the phones, which have glass backs, and you drop the phones, will it in any way protect the phone as a case would? or is it literally just a skin on top of the glass?

  3. After updating in 2019 Samsung Galaxy s9/s9 plus lost all usefull features: 1. multiple screen – lost. 2. Voice control bad. 3. Bixby still not good. Some camera pro features lost as well. Samsung Galaxy s9 plus user. 😐

  4. Loved my new Galaxy S9 since January. Great feature: fast-charging charger! In the meantime, received a few software updates. Great, too. HOWEVER: since the last software update two days ago, the fast charging is gone, and I get the same doodoo I got with my old S4: 'Make sure you use the charger that came with the device' …. and charging now takes hours again!!!
    If anybody has similar problems and/or has an idea what to do, PLEASE let me know!!!

  5. Dude just when apple crashes and finally releases iOS to other phones and companies make the hardware compatible I’m leaving Apple for good cuz I have tried Samsung and I love the freedom with downloading and battery life but I just couldn’t stand the UI and so I switched to the 7 plus. I’m sure lots of you guys agree with me

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