Samsung Galaxy S10 Unlock Hack (WARNING)

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 features in-display fingerprint unlock and face unlock. After some testing I’d suggest using fingerprint unlock exclusively. The simple hack in this video defeats the face unlock security. If convenience is your priority face unlock will work but understand the potential consequences. Which unlocking style would you use on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus?

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  1. Will they improve face ID on their upcoming flagship note 10 ?? Because I'm thinking of buying that .. definitely note 10 will be the best phone of the year but security matters too .. Samsung should use Apple's face ID tech ..

  2. This isn't really surprising. The S10 doesn't do proper face unlock. But it still has a camera on the front so whoever wants to use 2D face unlock should have the ability to do so. There would be more outrage if Samsung hasn't included software for it. But just because it has some form of face unlock, that doesn't mean it's very safe. In fact, on the S10 when activating face unlock the phone warns you that it's not a very safe option.

    In conclusion, Samsung uses fingerprint as the proper biometric unlock system whereas Apple uses face ID. Having 2D unlock on your Samsung is just a bonus. If you don't like it then don't use it.

  3. Yo Lou did you disable the fast recognition feature? Samsung does clearly say if fast recognition is turned on it will increase the chance of the feature to be fooled by photos

  4. I believe Samsung intended to use a 2D Scanner its not only because for the smaller notch but to utilize their new Ultrasonic FS. Many people had no choice but to use it as a Security instead Face Scanner. Marketing Stategy 😁

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