Samsung Galaxy A50 Gaming Review with PUBG Mobile Heating, Battery drain and Benchmark

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Samsung Galaxy A50 is the latest smartphone from Samsung and comes with Exynos 9610 and 4GB RAM. Here is the gaming review of the device with PUBG mobile, heating and battery drain.

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  1. If yall wonder why exy 9610 got the hdr-ultra ,its 100% like wht asus did with the max pro m1 by faking the chipset information.
    As u can see there on hdr-ultra its only run at 30fps and lower and drop frequently.
    This processor is near 670, the gpu is the same as on Mediatek P60/P70 the count number gpu shaders core also the same.
    Im just giving u information that ,if u wanted this phone for gaming then u r doing wrong choice bcuz the snapdragon 675 and 710 will do better job , espescially the 710 which the gpu is like 1.5times better than this chipset.
    Im not saying its bad phone ,it is good phone really good phone for daily ,but sorry for gaming dont expect it too much cuz it will only betray ur expectation.

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