Ronaldo out for Juventus vs. Ajax? Plus, Messi's son asks why media 'crucify' him | Champions League

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Gab Marcotti of ESPN FC discusses the injury to Cristiano Ronaldo, and whether he will miss the first leg of Juventus vs. Ajax in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. Marcotti, Alejandro Moreno, Adrian Healey, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley then (1:28) talk about comments made by Lionel Messi that his son has asked why Argentina media “crucify” him.

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  1. That is why argentina football is degraded now. Only Messi saved them in last years world cup qualifier too. Everytime Messi saves them. These people are hypocrites. If you dont hail the good players, your sport is bound to be affected. No worry Messi, World loves you and you are No.1 GOAT.

  2. Messi is not as good as CR7… look at the Portugal national team, but Ronaldo always perform and even won the euros, but Mr Messi is a one team player and that's Barcelona. Oh by the way did you know that without Barcelona, Messi has zero trophy??? If you wanna be the greatest, dont do it for one team, do it on both club and international level. CR7 24/7.

  3. If Messi would change to Spanish citizenship, he would have been part of a world cup winning team a long time ago, the man has character and loyalty, Argentine fans forget, thanks to him they qualified for last world cup, reached the final in 14, and 3 copa america finals. Ultimately football is a team sport, and if the cast members cannot support him, alone, he can only do so much. Numbers speak for themselves. Sad that his own country cannot appreciate him.

  4. Messi always bottle it with his country unlike the Greatest ever player Diego Maradona and Cr 7 is brilliant with not only his club but also his country easy for him with bara. What a team there were World Cup winners with him and Great players in there own right Maradona went too Napoli and look what he did with them the man was a genius and I had the great honor too see him play

  5. Higuain took easy way.. are you kidding . Look at blames he took like on world cup. He was on great form before wordcup. At copa he was nt part of team. Dot get me to start bout dybala

  6. The Federation is apparently a mess. Management is apparently a mess. The backline is definitely a mess. The Mid-field is a mess. Icardi seems to rub everyone the wrong way. Higuain is one whose shortcomings in big moments get overlooked due to everyone focusing on Messi and comparing what he's done to Maradona. That leaves Aguero and Messi trying to figure out how the ball's even going to get to them and being swarmed once it does. So maybe Argentinians who dislike Messi would feel better if the Federation retired him, personally, for good. Since he's obviously holding them back. They can see what life is like without him at all.

  7. Am so angry with the Argentinian they are useless both some of the players higuain cost messi the world cup and compa American we Barcelona love messi Argentina should go and fuck them self if messi can change country now I would have liked it

  8. Messi is a spaniard guys stop this foolishness. The guy just loves the limelight so he'll come out of retirement for the millionth time, play at 60% of his potential and retire again after failing to win a trophy with Argentina. But somehow in the same season win la liga, the championships league and a domestic trophy for barcelona.

  9. LOL the Media NEVER crucifies Messi. If Cristiano Ronaldo pulled out the most magnificent performance in football history this football panel would still have something bad to say about him

  10. I just to remind you… Juve last year 3-0 down.. went to the bernabeau.. comeback complete -(nearly) and bdw Ronaldo was in the other team.. 2 years ago we reached the final after trashing barcelona in the quarters-and bdw without ronaldo.. 3 years ago.. juve 2-0 up in Munich..and bdw without ronaldo.. 4 years ago.. juve went to the final after beating madrid in the semis.. and bdw without Ronaldo! You media please stop feeding peoples mind with fake assumptions! Juventus in the recent years theyve always proved they are top without ronaldo! And you all know that this is very true.. AMEN

  11. I believe proof of commitment is to continue with the team through thick and thin as many players with a lesser squad have done through the years. Not a player who has retired 3 times from onternational duty…just saying..

  12. Hes not fucking commited to the national team are you joking? And tbh I dont blame him. I would bet one of my kidneys on the black market that Adidas which is his sponsor constantly pushes messi to play for the national team. There is no way in hell he wants to be there. I havent seen him smile with the national team since the world cup.

  13. I watched the Venezuela game, and what Argentina lacked was the quality to finish the moves and passes Messi created for his misfiring teammates! And as for Maradona, his time is now history, so get over it!

  14. Imagine if Messi had become a Spanish citizen. He’s lived most of his life there..He certainly would have won a World Cup maybe more because of much better teams…Argentina would have been crying for him. Argentina does not deserve Messi….

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