Robert Mueller slams Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team slammed a suggestion by Michael Flynn’s lawyers that President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser lied to the FBI not even a month into his tenure because he was caught off guard when two agents approached him. CNN’s Pamela Brown reports.

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  1. I'm just a lowly US citizen and having watched the old FBI program from the 1960s and the X-Files from the 1990s that even I know it's a crime to lie to a federal agent. It's just not plausible to believe Flynn didn't know that lying to the FBI is criminal.

  2. High ranking military figures cannot waver on Truth — they take an oath to such.
    At this point Flynn has all but given-in to his illicit discretion's… and trying to swing deals and take the hit to protect his son (also a dishonest person).

  3. Hilarious how many Democrats have lied to Congress and the FBI ….
    Hillary should have been hung by law already .
    Too bad Trump has his finger on something more dangerous than the nuke button .

  4. Lied to Pence?! Lol.

    The fact of the matter is white people commit and then are protected from the most heinous crimes. Whether it be criminal or financial, yet get bs sentences that do nothing to deter them from doing it again.

    Mueller seems like he is lobbing softballs to the fellow members of the Old white boy crew. Just to make it look like this is being handled seriously.

    I hope to God I am wrong but so many of these bastards are walking away scotfree while Black and Brown people are in jail or dead for jaywalking, selling cigarettes, tickets…….


  5. Mr Mueller, you are one of those few Republican who don't lie, you are very serious and imparcial in your investigation and protect the Republic with the law and real Justice and the Nation. Also respect the Democracy of our system. You are a real American reinforcing our Law system

  6. Some great news! Obamacare was declared unconstitutional by a court. The so-called signature achievement of the worst president in history, is no more. This is an answer to my prayers.

  7. All Putin's puppets and Trump lied. Well done, Mr Mueller, you are the best. I trust and believe in your investigation and real Justice. You are in the right and imparcial way. Thanks because you are keeping always protecting the Nation with the truth vs the lies of all these traitor criminal corrupts!!

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