RED Hydrogen Prototype Hands-On!

RED Hydrogen One is real. This is your exclusive hands-on with prototypes, straight from RED!

Updates since recording: 5.7″ display. Bottom headphone jack staying.

Original breakdown video:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: On and On by Hocus Pocus



  1. Does it have interchangeable lenses? Manual exposure functions? Fit on a stabilizer and tripod? Shoot in 4K? Shutter angle and color temp settings? In what way is this a RED product beside the look and name?

  2. 12 months laterr(spongebob tone) still nothing. They still can't show anything. I feel like someone in that company bit more than they could chew, but for like almost two grand i hope i'm wrong. It always feels weird to me to spend a lot on smartphones considering the folowing year they will be old tech

  3. Hey man this review is making you look bad you claimed you paid in advance for it but yet haven’t made any follow up with it eve since . It’s not your duty to report to us in your community but at the same time it’s looking bad because you just all of us out in a limb and left us there …

  4. A year later and the word "vaporware" seems to be the only thing forthcoming. Too bad. I'd have paid $1k for a nice industrial camera w/o the holo gimmick, something that they could have shipped on time.

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