Raven Abaroa starts new life and finds new love in Utah: Part 3

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Vanessa Pond opens up about falling in love with Raven Abaroa, then confronting him about what she learned about Janet Abaroa’s death. “I wasn’t convinced he was innocent,” she said.

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  1. 2:14 She Psarchastly says, "I finally fell for the nice guy". What she means is, All men are the same, so that gets her off the hook, so she can continue to screw bad boys and blame good guys who she will never give time of day to.

  2. 1:03 "…I wanted nothing to do with him…" And later on, she ends up with screwing him and get into an abusive relationship with him. Holy Christ! Am i crazy? Or does women not take responsibility for THEIR actions?

  3. 1:55 Pause! This new person is sitting there, talking so soft and meek, trying to pass her own self off as this sweet Mormon, but then I'm watching how she and her daughter are "play wrestling"….and notice how the kid is pretending to punch her mom. That's not normal. Kids do not punch at their parents, even in play, unless it's a learned behavior. So what is that?

  4. 1:03 Are women adults? wtf? TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! No one forces these women to go out with this guy, they are attracted to and want to f*ck bad-boys! Take RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR actions!

  5. Ladies, ALWAYS trust your gut. Vanessa investigated him and knew he was a creep, but she wanted to believe the lie, like most women do. Trust your FIRST instinct and walk away. Not being afraid to be alone can save your life.

  6. GREED is a very ugly thing!
    Sadly,the saddest part of all is the family of the victims that are left to pick up the pieces; especially the children.

    What in the world goes through the minds of these other women that get involved with & or stay with these men after they find out that their first wife was killed or died suspiciously. I’m not saying that all men in these type situations are murderers, but I know for a fact that it would take more than, “I loved my wife”, I would never do anything to hurt her or any other woman for me to put myself in the situation to be his possible next victim.

    Call me too suspicious or insecure or whatever … but I’m gonna call me alive! 🤣😉

  7. At least those ladies warned her. Some people don't get that. God bless those ladies for trying to warn her. She is the daughter of a police officer and she didn't take the warning. Especially having a baby girl of her own😞

  8. I'm unsubscribing to ABC "NEWS" This is just sensationalistic bullshit. How in the fuck does this in any way concern anybody who wasn't involved such as family?? It's lowest common denominator crap with no real value except to tittilate people who spy on their neighbors with binoculars.

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