1. It better without clothes on cuz this.

    #1 having a shoe on makes more noise

    #2 naked is way more better cuz it way more harder to see!. This shit helps me reach crown!

  2. I play mobile since my pc broke and I don't have the funds to repair… Honestly there's nothing essential missing in this mobile version and the ui is pretty good although I prefer pc's ui. But I love how I can still watch pc pubg content from sources like wackyjacky and be able to apply all of the tips/tricks, even the noise diffence btw shors and barefoot, on mobile version. Also it runs smoothly! (for a mobile game don't start comparing the fps to your pc's😂)
    note: can't crouch jump though

  3. Hey add my boyfriend his name is OwningNoobs he's in bronze rn because he just started and he is way to good like I saw him get a headshot across the map while someone was driving with a 4x scope kar 98k I know you have a big any count just give him a chance

  4. I'm saying this now,for the bad players,most other users you see in game are bots,this covers experience training for new players and provides a concrete experience for players that just joined, only when your rank increases, the amount of bots decreased

  5. Great video. Couple things to mention that you didn't in this video,

    When you pick up a gun, the gun already has bullets in it.

    This game also fills your map with bots that are absolutely terrible to ease newer players into the game. Also the bots only do 2% damage. I am about gold3 and I run into only 1-2 bots in the game which I like because they usually have a 4x, a suppressor, or nothing.

    The phone version has a gyroscope mode that helps aim while you're ADS. This means you can lean your phone to the left or right to adjust your aim. Really helpful in the higher leagues.

  6. The first few rounds you play in each mode (Solo, duo and squad) is just a big tutorial, you dont actually play against real players, only bots.

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