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According to a tweet from CC2, A remaster/ remake of the .hack original tetralogy is possible “if the demand is there”! And they’ve encouraged us to show our support to both them and BandaiNamcoUS on twitter help make it happen. In response, let’s make a video together to show our love and interest in this remaster! Also a huge thank you for CyberConnect2 for directly getting in contact with me recently and help provide me guidance (non-financially) as to how I can improve my.hack videos!…


  1. Hey everyone, CC2 on twitter have messaged in response to this video and have encouraged we best direct our efforts at the publisher over at BandaiNamcoUS. Its also important to be clear that this video in no way shape or form intended to represent an announcement of a remaster or remake of the original four games. This is only a video showcasing both my and our support at the possibility of it if the demand is there. Tweet the below information to be a part of a support video for a re-release of the original 4 games:

    @BandaiNamcoUS @ cc2information @TeysindsSpot – I want #IMOQHD #FirstRecode because…

    Also, I forgot to mention in the video but if you don't have Twitter you can provide an answer here in the comments using the (I want #IMOQHD #FirstRecode because…) and i'll happily add it to the montage video. #FirstRecode is optional if you like the name.

  2. I would love an #IMOQHD Remastered (or a remake) simply because CC2 kind of started their rise to fame with dot hack games. Naruto games just made their fame 10x more prevalent. An appreciation for dot hack games is needed. I even posted a Tweet just now saying that if they started a kickstarter, they would have our support.

  3. I know for a fact many would play it, the orginal had a strong story..and actual was a challenge.
    I think with a full updated graphics maybe new content to enhance the orginal game, many would live the game again. So i can say id buy a re-release in a heart beat.

  4. hey Teysind. it has been a long while since we last talked. i am praying that the games in the IMOQ series can be remastered. do you think that it is more likely or less likely to happen? i would love nothing more than being able to play the first four project dot hack games on the ps4. i still have the games on the ps2 but i would play them on the ps4 for the trophies. i would love to play hours upon hours of game time on the series. hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Is there any news about if they are in development? Im new to the series, platted The GU LAST RECODE and i fell in love with the game but i wanna see kite's side of the story.

  6. I even bought the card game lol I really hope they remake it. I had such a hard time collecting all 4 as a kid so if they make it with all 4 games remastered it would be a must buy!

  7. I first saw reviews of the first dot hack games when they were on G4 (back when the station was good). I didn’t own a PS2, so I couldn’t get the games. Now I’m having a blast playing GU on the PS4 and I would love to play the originals!

  8. I want #IMOQHD because I've been a HUGE fan of everything Dot Hack related for it's entire 15 year run. I'm currently playing through Last Recode and absolutely loving it! Not only do I want a #IMOQHD remaster, I want a brand new set of Dot Hack games!!! We need to let everybody know about the ORIGINAL and SUPPIOR Sword Art Online.

    I only managed to play the first two titles from IMOQ and never played the G.U., and that is the reason why I postponing the purchase of Last Recode. I really want to finish my unfinished business.

  10. If IMOQHD gets remastered, A lot of Anime Fans of the .Hack Series and Gamers will be rdy getting this game in a Heartbeat. This game was my childhood days RPG and seeing this Remaster HD would bring my good old days back. .Hack and Final Fantasy 2 Best RPG of all Time 😎

  11. I want #IMOQHD because .hack has been one of my all-time favorite series since the first time I played Mutation. That may sound odd but Mutation was the first one that I played. A friend of mine had gotten it for his birthday and let me borrow it when he was done. I liked that I didn't need to have played Infection to grasp what was going on and fell in love with the atmosphere and the general game play of it. Afterwards I started to look for Infection and completed it upon acquiring it and bought Outbreak shortly after its release. Quarantine eluded me for a while before I could get it. The collection was complete. Then G.U. was released and I managed to add the 3 of them to the collection. I was proud to own them all and and enjoyed each one as I completed them. Unfortunately my Playstation 2 along with most of the collection went missing during a move and trying to replace it proved to much for what I could afford at the time. Now with the Playstation 4 and Last Recode this could be the best time to complete the collection again, plus this would also be the a good time to introduce new people to R1 of "The World". If Haseo can come back to the world then Kite should be able to as well. Plus a Last Recode makes more sense with a #FirstRecode.

  12. Teysind this is a lot of information O.o
    I feel terrible for having very little merchandise! I own physical ps2 copies of gu vol 2&3, and downloaded Last Recode. No figures, no plushies, nothing 😭😭😭

  13. Going full honesty,nothing,no game will ever beat .hack G.U.,from what I have seen of IMOQ,I wasn't really excited,but i have been planing to maybe try it on an emulator (xcept my PC is a potato),I can definitely see the charm in it,and im always up for a good story.
    If it gets remastered I will have an even better way to play it,to start with it,interested to hear from it :D!
    Props to CC2 for being so connected to the community.

    Also how have you been enjoying Last Recode these days?

  14. i am so happy the people responsible for the dot hack series reached out to you. i am hoping that they will make the first for games again for the ps4. i would totally buy it and play that game until i completely beat it like i am doing with "Last Recode". i would like to retweet the message(s) to help out since i have a twitter account. i also wrote down all the information i need to tweet to the right people with i want #IMOQHD because… and i hope it is okay to post the same message to all the places i should tweet. by the way, i loved this video. also i am enjoying Last Recode so much. i am in the forest of pain in volume 3. cant wait to play volume 4. take care man! Later!

  15. Damn that really sucks, you couldn't do the fan interview thing. Its really cool that they contacted You directly, that's awesome.

    Bringing back IMOQ sounds great. There are a few people saying they'd rather have a new entery in the series as apose to bringing back the old ones, personally i think its better to bring back these older games to better introduce the series to new players plus IMOQ is crazy expensive, a remake would make it more available to everyone and solves the rarity issue like with G.U.

    For IMOQ a remake is definitely needed over a remaster. I love those games but they haven't aged well in visuals and gameplay. They wouldn't hold up much today. This is definitely an exciting time for .hack. I'm looking forward to the future of this series!

  16. Awesome news
    I'm so happy if a remake or remaster happens. I am still in love with g.u.just finished vol 2 and it is so emotional the Story. Are u playing it too Teysind? And how do u feel about it? As well the brand new volume 4:D

  17. personally i think they should rebuild the first 4 from the ground up. i know that would take forever to make but to be perfectly honest the gameplay in those original 4 are not nearly as good as GU. of course the reason why is that GU improved so much after playing those and then going back to these its kinda hard to play. either way a remaster is not a bad idea but i think they should consider adding/fixing a few things along with using a fresh code of paint

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