Priest: Jesus Lead Me to Islam

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Female Episcopal priest creates controversy by becoming a Muslim.


  1. Yea yeaaa, one thing you people dont know in Arabia if you turn christian from muslim, you get beat up by the law as a warning and next you get killed. Also if you dont bow in some huge ceromony to a huge square in muslim, you get killed.

  2. Sorry for my poor language , anyway the funny part is that I see a lots-of people fighting islam without actually reading Quran and I repeat reading not converting because in Quran it’s written that we don’t fight Christianity we’re not against the religion actually if they follow Jesus as it said in Quran they well have a better chance-to go to heaven only those who follow Jesus not the church !!

  3. Hey, guys! Why can't you just replace word son by something else. Say "servant" or " messenger" or "prophet". If by some miracle the Virgin Mary could give a birth to Jesus without a man or cause that does not mean she (Mary) was automatically mated with God (May God forgive me!). This is insane! How bout Adam and Eve then? Adam was created from mud or clay and Eve from his rib which sounds more miraculous to me than Jesus's birth. Why Adam and Eve were not given such an honour of being Son and Daughter of God? I believe they deserve this title more than any other. Is it just because Adam and Eve made a mistake (the greates sin of humanity, the Hitler's massacre does not stand even near it) by eating the fruit from forbidden tree? And yet they both did repention and God has forgiven them. And they never violeted any of God's commandments. Also, Adam and Eve are great great grandparents of Jesus. If so, definitely Adam and Eve deserve to be God and Godess. Guys, I just wanna say that the things we believe should make sense. Blind believe(without reasoning) is a source of all ignorance. Also, to make Jesus be looking pure and sinless, the earliest christians misrepresented all other Prophets of God in new testimony. They were mostly concentrated on their mistakes and sins, though I dont believe they were that much sinful as described in new testimony. Bcz always believed and believe that God's messengers would always try to follow His commandments and preach the God's laws to others and that only honorable and chosen ones could communicate with God. Otherwise, why would God choose a piece of shit (pardon me) to guide ignorant and stubborn people of ancient times. This does not make sense. If I were a King and I had to send my representative to some parts of my kingdom to promote me to others. I would have chosen the best ones. Not irresponsible, dumb, unloyal, laizy, impolite, unkind and pervert ones. Obviously, I as a King would thoroughly pick people when assigning them as my representative. If me – a human can think that way, why God AllMighty woud not do that?! This would not make sense!

  4. I feel sorry for her. But it can only be one or the other. They were right to de-frock her. At least that is all that will happen to her. Leaving Islam is a bit more serious than a de-flocking.

  5. Jesus was Muslim he was prophet and he himself prayed to god

    IF You ARE LOOKING FOR GOD ask him to guide you to the right path you will for sure find Islam and Allah if you search for long enough

  6. Jesus(Isa)A.S is not a God.He is the messenger of Allah..In Bible there is no verse which mentions that Jesus is God.Christinity means the true followers of Hasrat Isa(Jesus)A.S.People made him God..He never told,he is God…

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