President Trump’s Best People | NYT Opinion

From Rob Porter to Omarosa Manigault Newman, the Mooch and others. Here is the growing list of people who just couldn’t hold on to their White House jobs.

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  1. Trump,
    There is only one God, the Eternal;
     worship Him with respect and awe;
     take delight in Him and tremble.
    Bow down before God’s son.
     If you don’t, you will face His anger and retribution,
    And you won’t stand a chance.
     For it doesn’t take long to kindleroyal wrath.
    Ps. 2:11

  2. So, what is the best thing Trump could do for everyone? A massive agonizing heart attack would sure make dance on his grave
    and lead to parties all across the country.

  3. They may not look the best for us, but they surely are for the best for racist supremasist, for false chistians, and for the false patriots, since they are a big deception made out of crooks, haters, and liars.

  4. He wants to be number one Now he is He gets the wrong people to work in his W H Good Job at being the worse Do your job and quit campaigning You won you are the president start acting like the president. Your not on your dumb TV show

  5. They have turned the Whitehouse into a medical facility for the bewildered. They are just wandering around the place in a daze One of them spends his time all day screaming at the TV ! And they even let him have a phone !

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