President Obama Uses the N-Word: Bleep It or Play It?

Jun 22 –Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss President Barack Obama’s use of a racial epithet to illustrate a point on race relations. They speak on “With All Due Respect.”

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  1. sorry, i don't care if i'm labeled a "racist", or a "NAZI" by you democrat lefties.
    black people cant formulate a single sentence without using the word "nigger".
    frankly, i'm proud to be a NAZI. the democrats are fueling it.
    the US was fighting the wrong side in WW2
    we should have helped the Alpha Hero finish the job

  2. what are ya fuking stupid? Don't let that n*gger say the n-word on live audio. It's wrong..why do black people get to use it & others can't ?? That's racism.

  3. Bleep it??? He knows better and shouldn't be saying it. Could have easily said the n word instead of actually saying it! Others get into big trouble saying it publicly no matter how they are using it, but him no trouble at all.

  4. Papa John said it in the same context and he was just destroyed. Bill Maher said "house N!&&@" on his show and it wasn't cancelled from HBO. This is the liberal bias and double standard.

  5. Thank you, Mr. President!! 
    The truth can set us free. It is not the word that our President used that have some people upset. Some people are upset that our President exposed the truth about this country. President Obama has shined the light in a very dark places which makes some people are very, very uncomfortable. Thank you again, Mr President!!

  6. It's the "intention" of a word that does harm! Focusing on the word itself deflects the focus from the "intention" which then allows the perpetrator to say what they mean using another word or phrase unnoticed!

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