Police officer due in court to face charge after accidentally shooting suspect

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Brindley Blood, who resigned from the Lawrence, Kansas, police department in January, said she’d intended to grab her stun gun, not her gun, during the traffic-stop arrest.




  1. Wtf is she charge for? She did the right thing. Most of the time a taser dont do shit. I seen bad police shooting and the cops go away with murder but this shooting is 100% justified

  2. That driver hits the cop And then body slams. She came to his aid he’s lucky that she didn’t mean to shoot him. I don’t think that she should have charges. Should she have lost her job? Yeah OK I’ll agree to that one but reluctantly

  3. If the guy was black The Female Officer was Like if I Shoot this guy I'll be doing the world a favor by killing this guy but if im asked I'll claim it was an accident

  4. She was new, she made a mistake in the heat of battle. Was there intent? I dont think so. It was an accident, and would have been avoided if the scumbag had not attacked the officer. But im sure the ghetto dweller will probably get paid off.

  5. I like how you threw in the driver faces multiple charges at the end!! What a seatbelt ticket, resisting arrest!! Shut the fuxk up!! What's next you going to show a picture of him wearing a bandana at a picnic and claim is a gang member!

  6. He asked for a sergeant you should have backed away and got the sergeant there!! What the f*** if this was a white man you would have done that.. I'm poor white trash and I have the privilege of being afforded the benefit of the doubt!.. but a black men get murdered right in the street by cops every day !! No justice no peace!!

  7. the cop is doing EXACTLY everything by protocal and also giving RESPECt to this black guy, explaining why he got stopped, what was his purpose and suspicions and also
    after they guy refusing to get out, the cop gave a warning too, you wanna go to jail for a sealtbelt violation?
    the cop seems decent compared to dozens and dozens of trash pig cops out there who murder at will……..
    that cop also had opportunity to run a few feet back and shoot him……… but instead he continued to exchange punches with that black guy…

    that male cop had the legal right to shoot, cause he was in possible danger of his life….. and that female cop was correct to shoot.

    but a taser would be civilized.

    purpose of a cop is to prevent, stop or neutralize a crime, criminal or terrorism………… whatever situations accordingly will be dealt with correct protocals.

  8. the big black guy obviously wants to die, using his animal brain instinct of " i'm bigger than this cop, i can street fight raw, and this cop should be no problem",
    instead of using his intellectual brain, IF HE HAS ANY…… of " i'll pay my fine or take videos of this interaction and bring evidence to court to prove my innocence, and COME OUT OF THIS ALIVE for a simple minor ticket fine". black man chose death.

  9. So they pulled him over for not wearing a seatbelt fearing for the safty of his life in case of a accident but ended up being the one that killer him with a bullet point blank to the head. Fun how she supposedly mistakenly gun for taser.. yeah fucking right

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