Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 hands-on: a decent first try

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A notable player in the mobile headset/headphones space for quite some time, itโ€™s only just now that Plantronics is getting into the true wireless game with the recent announcement and release of the BackBeat FIT 3100.

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  1. I bought these and returned them. the bluetooth 4.2 is vastly inferior to the now available bluetooth 5.0. severe latency lag when watching video. also master lost connection to slave bud with disappointing consistency. the look and feel of these are nice but the tech is sub par. do yourself a favour, spend the extra $40 and get yourself some Jabra active elite 65 t's. I did and theyre excellent. none of the above mentioned issues.

  2. I know theses are geared towards fitness but how's the call quality for 150 bucks I hope they are decent and can they be used independently from each other I need to know because of my career

  3. While I am a fan of the original BackBeat Fit's that sport an 8 hour battery life, these new ones seem over priced for what you get considering they have a little more than half the battery life of the originals.

  4. I like these… I may be in the minority but I hate ear buds that create suction…. Feels awful to me, like I'm in a vacuum … Glad to see fully wireless headphones that are open

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