Peregrine Gaming Glove – Interesting Gadgets ep.1

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Check out this video as we take a look at the latest of technology, a piece of hardware that will change the way we play.

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Heres the link to the Pedegrine website:


  1. First motion controls and just when I think it could not get any worse they come out with gloves. Whats next computerized hats?

    Even if it worked I could see other problems. Such as if its only one size one size fits all never works. If its too big or too small it wont work for you period. I would rather a keyboard and mouse that works for any sized hands thank you very much.

  2. That's pretty neat. Would certainly be interesting to try out. BIG RTS fan, though not of the most recent C&C game. I can certainly see the use of it but unless you're a pro gamer on the MLG circuit I can't really see how much use someone would get out of it.

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