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PC gamers, it’s time to prove that you’re the master race, at long last. Microsoft’s decided it’s time for you to put your money where your mouth is, because they’re opening up Gears of War 4 versus multiplayer for crossplay between PC and console. One weekend only. One platform the victor. One mouse to rule them all.




  1. I've been playing Gears of War for 11 years. In NO way are PC players Better than Console players. It's amazing how uninformed this channel is.

  2. The biggest reason I play on console is that many games ported to the PC suck, look at Arkham Knight as the biggest example. If I'm going to spend $1000 on a desktop mainly to play games on (most of my work I prefer to do on my laptop) I expect it to be able to actually play games well. I know patches and stuff come along, but having to wait a week or more to play a game that your friends have been playing sucks. Also I've had an Xbox for a decade and have a ton of games and content I've spent hundreds of dollars on that I'm not going to rebuy for slightly better graphics.

  3. Is this really that hard Microsoft? Require the PC players to use an Xbox One controller in competitive matches if they want to play with console players. How hard is that? It solves all your problems. The people on PC who want to play competitive multiplayer in Gears 4 primarily want to do so BECAUSE they have friends they want to play with on Xbox One.

  4. Console players aren't bad even though I love to say they are, but it's the keyboard and mouse that makes the difference. A very good controller player could do very fine on pc until he or she gets ranked in with good players.

  5. Us Console-gamers will crush your "PC-Masters" furry butts. Know why?
    Because while you were busy needing a new graphics card, staring at your framerates and hertzes, tweeking and tuning, upgrading, troubleshooting, and admiring your CPU-temperatures, ALL that time: we were busy GAMING. xD

  6. just give us a separate mode where pc players can play with console players, then have the traditional "console vs console" "pc vs pc" on each platform. But we can all agree PSN and XBL players should play with each other.

  7. Wasn't there a Shadowrun fps multiplayer that was cross platform and the platform differences were noticeable? I'm surprised that wasn't brought up as example of a failed attempt.

  8. Hands down PCs win not just because I am a PCs gamer, Console games have a lot more people how haven't been in to gaming as much as PCs players so they have aim assist and stuff this means that console placer would be a lot worse at aiming because they are used to playing with aim assist. Also controllers are so much worse then mows and keyboard and console peasants are still just peasants and PCs are decently master race

  9. Eh, big deal. Console guy switched to PC playing Lucio with controller and made it to a high rank. Lucio is the easiest support to play and doesn't rely on aim. It would be impressive if he played Soldier 76 or something, but not Lucio, Lucio isn't impressive.

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