Parsons Green: 'It's a terrible thing' – US President Donald Trump – BBC News

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Asked about the London terror attack by reporters outside the White House in Washington, Mr Trump said: “It’s a terrible thing.

“It just keeps going and going, and we have to be very smart, we have to be very, very tough.

“Perhaps we are not nearly tough enough.

“It’s just an absolutely terrible thing. In fact, I’m going to call the prime minister right now.

“We have to be tougher and we have to be smarter.”

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  1. I agree with Trumo in this case, we should be more and more tough in the issue. We can't let the bombings happened again and again. Do something, don't just say 'carry on'. This terrorist attack is a serious problem.

  2. London explosion was mind controlled by trump n prince Williams.this is no lie if any one of u is looking to get a job in law enforcement don't take the job it leads to a second job with the CIA mind controlling terrorist n a sex club with under age kids.

  3. North Korea will nuke the shit out of the, corrupt terrorist U.S government!
    The world will be a safer better place, without the Terrorist U.S government and the U.S elites!

  4. world wants get PEACEKEEPERS into myanmar for peace by UN.
    myanmar government and citizen all are violence to ruhingya.
    innocent nation of ruhingya wants go to their homeland!
    destroy all are military terrorist in myanmar.and aung san suu ki hang quickly!
    terrorist suu ki killed ruhingya 2/3 lakes by terrorist military in wants to hung to aung san suu ki and others terrorist which killed to ruhingya!
    biggest terrorist aung san suu ki not fittest noble. so,world want back noble and others peaceful people get this
    aung san suu ki is very terrorist. she destroy to humanityi in myanmar.
    world very wants terrorist aung san suu ki's HANG.

  5. President Trump's tweets won't blow anyone's limbs off, so focus your hatred on the criminals actually blowing people up in a city near you, you virtue signalling fuckin idiots!

  6. He makes my skin crawl. I can't believe he took this awful event, which could've been a real tragedy, and tried to use it to promote his Muslim ban. Honestly, if he wants to try and make people believe in something as cruel and disgusting as that, he needs to learn there's a time and a place. This isn't it. This is a time for people to stand together, black, white, Muslim, Christian, man, woman, because we are all needed to help stop this. Making scapegoats doesn't help the situation at all. If anything, it makes it worse, since you're ignoring the real problems. We don't need the Internet shut down, we just need it monitored, we have to get Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, etc. to report suspicious inquiries so they can be dealt with.

  7. All this shit about trump. I mean this video right here explains a lot, nothing wrong with him. And as for Islam and so on people say oh its not there fault well it bloody well is.

  8. be brave, terrorist trying to scare free willed brave people into submission and change london into muslim country , be brave and fight back and don"t be dumb enough to elect another muslim politician into power

  9. When Islamic attack happens in third world countries like India it is termed as millitant attack or law and order problem by western media but when similar attacks happen in western countries it is declared as terrorist attack by the same western media. This is height of hypocrisy or double standard. Battle against Islamic terrorism can never be won with this level of hypocrisy displayed by western countries. Call it what it is irrespective of where it happens and don't play politics if you want to tackle this menace.

  10. Is it commonplace for people to board London commuter trains carrying 5 gallon buckets? I'd be willing to bet it isn't. I used to commute to work on light rail for years and I must say this would raise a few questions in my city. And we've NEVER had anything of this nature happen. If I lived in London and a guy boarded my train toting that thing I'd have no problem asking him what's inside. THAT is what "being vigilant" means. My guess is everyone on that car was playing on their smart phones, blissfully detached from their surroundings. And I'll wager that surveillance will show the perp exiting the train and leaving the bucket behind with no one noticing. Put the phones down people; pay attention!

  11. Not that I don't appreciate the fact that Sadiq Khan is an indisputable Islamist Trojan horse in the UK and that his sitting at the Cobra meeting is incredibly hilarious BUT… Dear Donald Trump… Why don't you just shut up about the obvious facts in the UK (London in particular) when you have the likes of Linda Sarsour (aka The Islamist Cockroach) right in your turf in the United States who openly calls for your assassination as a form of Islamic Jihad and you've done absolutely nothing about it SIR?!!!

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