Other Americans already within ISIS ranks

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CNN’s Brian Todd looks into ISIS’ claims that Americans continue to join their ranks while fighting in Syria and Iraq.


  1. who gives a flying fuck let any one who wants to go fight for isis go!! why spend tax payers dollers to in prison them bullets are way cheaper. dump them off in the middle of the shit, then either putt a tracker in him so we can blow up a few of the scum bags or just drop him on the spot. please let people who think like him go we dont want them here anyway well kill them all

  2. The most ranked ISIS member is Senator McCain. Why this young McCain is considered as a criminal by American law but Senator McCain that is the highest Rank in ISIS is not questioned yet?

  3. We need to send a very strong message. Any American who makes any attempt to join isis, should be prosecuted charged as a traitor and executed. immediately. These executions should also be aired. A very strong message needs to be in place. It's time we stop fucking around. We need to get of our panzy ass.

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