OpTic Gaming vs FaZe Clan | CWL Atlanta Open 2018 | Alpha Stream | Day 1

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  1. As a FaZe fan I recognize that OpTic Gaming is amazing and I’m not the toxic fan saying that OpTic is trash and things like that but if you wanna keep the trash talk I’m just gonna let you know this. Go watch Stage 1 ww2 grand finals and when FaZe beat OpTic's ass in stage 2. Yeah keep the trash talk, let’s keep the rivalry alive. And if you watch twitch FaZe won x4 back to back in Bo4 SnD tournament and they beat OpTic #FaZeTheFuckUp.

  2. These guys are mlg? Damn i can do so much better than them i see so many points where they can shoot and they just looking then see the guy then shoot. And i know they cant see the guys thru the walls. Im not talking bout that part but jeeze i see someone i am immediately shooting. And please tell them to turn up their sensitivity it hurts my eyes seeing them go so slow. I play on max sensitivity whatever game i play. Cant play anything less

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