Operation Finally Home helps build new house for wounded veteran, family

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Maj. Eric King, who did three combat tours and served for 16 years, said he, his mother and four children were incredibly thankful to the Irving, Texas, community.




  1. Welcome home, Sir! Your and all of your Service men and women should be honoured this way! While America slept, you all were out their fighting, leaving family and friends behind, not knowing if you all will return, but, thanks to The Almighty God, many of you have returned home, broken, but not destroyed! May God continue to bless America, your Great Nation!!! Hope that all those Injured Vets get the Medical, and living situations that they deserved, they don't need to be on the streets, and living in shelters. Provisions should be made for them when they returned home to there family. God bless ALL United States of America, those that have come home, and those that are still fighting. Lord, please, bring them back home safely, in Jesus Name!!! Amen!!!!

  2. I would have never known that educated man had a traumatic brain injury! Good for his family.
    No media release on the homeless and mentally ill Vets that are being washed under the rug. Candy coat it with housing a Vet on a full disability ride, and a good one being an Officer. Take care of the one which are forgotten.

  3. This is such a Blessing, its hard enough to serve but to come home and can't afford a home. I appreciate each and every Veteran I see every day working at the VA. Blessings to EVERYONE who gave my Brother in Arms a NEW HOME. GOD IS GOOD

  4. White people are sooo great to help out the african. Helping the african is typical of white people.
    But this begs the question – why don't the african ever help whitey ?

  5. He was a Major in the Army, his house in the military was probably a lot nicer than that. I mean did you see the wife’s face? They definitely didn’t go all out the way they do for other people. That’s just my opinion though it’s still a nice thing to do. I was in the military I know what these high-ranking officers have to go through.

    Ps I’m very high right now so please do not let my comments upset you in any way. You don’t deserve the stress from a dweeb like me. And if you’re wondering what I’m high on it’s a lovely strand called Elmer’s Glue.

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