Ohio woman accused of planning mass murder at bar

Prosecutors say Elizabeth Lecron celebrated killers in online postings and became pen pals with Dylann Roof — the white supremacist who killed nine African-Americans at a church in 2015.


  1. Shit, we need to get that wall asap!!!! Lets keep America safe… come on “just stop medicating these fucks so they don’t commit incesst and raise looneys like this coconut head.

  2. You white people don't realize how evil you are??? Look at the stories!!! Y'all be wanting to commit mass murders and massacre as many people as possible just because people have a different color or beliefs!!! Our biggest threat is domestic WHITE PRIVILEGE TERRORIST!!!!!!

  3. Sick, sick, sick. Call it copycat, obsession, whatever, give her solitary in a six-by-six for the rest of her life. Then she can play with all her little demons by herself. My story, sick.

  4. What the fuck?! Not only did she foreshadow the attack but she also had contacted the church shooters then fbi stepped in when she had already bought gun powder and nails.

    She coulda just used the AK a long time ago

  5. What ABC??? Nothing about Damon Joseph who was also arrested today in Ohio for the same crime? Oh is it because he is a Muslim convert who supports isis and wanted to kill Jewish people in a synagogue? Specifically a rabbi… I guess that doesn't fit your socialist agenda and he was conveniently overlooked. FAKE NEWS in all its glory…..

  6. Gee a Millenial brainwashed propagandized all it's life by demoncrats ! Can't think for itself reason on it's own taught pure evil loves to hate self loathing a pure demoncrat voter ! What do you expect from things like this ? Only one solution 👹🐷🔫

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