1. i wanna believe the story about the annunaki but i still got some questions about it,.if they come from the heavens or another planet with there ships over more then 240,000 years ago…why they writing on clay tablets,i mean that is such a primitive way of writing while they can fly across the univers,never found something like computers or other technical things,or are they hiding it from us?what are the bracelets on there wrist and maybe they are using teleportating but there must be something they leave behind the earth!?

  2. Civilizations on Earth are uninterruptedly present for more than two billion years. Sumerian civilization is relatively young but they manage to write down an ancient knowledge.

  3. If you are going to use robot voice, you could also add subtitles, just out of courtesy…not everyone can, or want to hear the artifical voice. That's a horrible sound.

  4. The dating is wriong. Scholars have studied this and found that the Babylonians has duplicated many dynasties by mistake. They found there were no dynasties before the FLOOD. The records had been erased by the disaster. The First dynasty is equivalent to the mythical First Time of Immortal Kings in Egypt. Nibiru is speculation based on Zecharia Sitchin. The Anunnaki are only mentioned as builder gods in Enuma Elish. The same as those builders of the tower of Babel who were scattered, and they may have been the ancestors of the tribes of Israel that were scattered to Europe and elsewhere, so the myth explained why they were scattered.. It is the scattering that gives rise to a dialect, and distance. The myth tells the opposite. Stories circulted for a long time as an oral tradition before they were written down. It is an interesting record about beings who came from heaven if understood in the right way, as divine beings, initiators just as Osiris from Sirius, because Genesis 6 has been misinterpreted. The Bene Haelohim were divine and angelic in nature but in human form. They were not angels having relationships with women. It was their progeny who fell but from the human nature, from righteousness as they corrupted the world. The Angels did not fall from heaven. There was a Fall but only into corruption.

  5. yeah h0w is that p0ssib1e?? 245 th0usand years ag0 riiiiiiiiiiggghhhhhtttt and we all come frm apes that evoled in a sugar eating atmosphere that wud n0t allow complex peptides to link up, i call masonic BS on this shit show

  6. If for anything, only the Bible story up to the Exodus story is proven true, with archaeological proof, found a few decades ago in north west saudi arabia.
    Noah’s Ark is also claimed to have been found in the high mountains of Turkey, but kind of remain speculation considering wood decay and the time of the events. But if you sick to the Bible, biblical story is proven true up until 3500 years ago at least.

    About these « kings » that ruled for tens of thousands of years, it is clearly speculation, and the Bible does not acknowledge these, thus, making it irrelevant. What is relevant on the contrary, is the Bible, and the prophecies contained in it have been fulfilled throughout the ages up until our days, just saying.

  7. From what I learned, this wasn't the first time Earth was inhabited by some type of ppl…We start with God bc after whoever was here the Earth was left void…The God created the heavens & Earth….

    RON WYATT was used by GOD to uncover Noah’s Ark, Sodom & Gomorrah, Red Sea Crossing, and Mt. Sinai. From these discoveries, Ron Wyatt’s credibility was established. We know God was using him because he was faithful to the Lord and was chosen to do this work. We should believe him when he said he found the ARK OF THE COVENANT IN JERUSALEM.
    His credibility says we should.




    Can evolution explain God's existence?

  9. When one thinks of Sir Isaac Newton, one normally thinks of a great scientist and mathematician. However, one does not normally think of Newton as a historian. Such was the greatness of his intellect, that he found history a pleasant diversion for his idle moments. He drafted a book on the ancient history and the Gentile nations and worked on it periodically for over forty years but never published it. It was published posthumously in 1728, a year after he died.

    The same genius he applies to other disciplines, Newton brings to bear on ancient history. He notes that all the pagan nations had greatly exaggerated their history, creating much needless confusion. Like a first rate prosecuting attorney, Newton cross-examines the ancient writers, using their own words against them to expose their logical inconsistencies. He then develops a more and sound chronology using the scientific method based on logic, observations, astronomy, and just plain common sense.

    Newton is not satisfied with merely showing one way of determining a historical date but overwhelms the reader with many independent ways of using the classical data mixed with common sense to establish the approximate date for many important secular historical events. Most of secular ancient history before 700 BC will need a drastic revision in the light of Newton’s findings.

    As originally written, Newton’s historical work is very difficult for modern readers to understand, but this special edition presents this classic in a format and style suitable for today’s readers

  10. One of the main reasons we don't see life on the planets within our solar system doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't any life on it because we cannot see life or beware of it in other dimensions without any kind of medium for traveler communication between the two so there could be plenty of Life on our own planet that we don't know about because it's on another plane in the same space.

  11. We also know that the beings from the heavens were actually kicked out they did not leave by their own choice they were put on punishment by the most high forced to be on babysitting Duty for the humans instead they ruined that too ended up being punished disembodied and now just roam the Earth as demonic spirits

  12. SUMERIAN IS A "LANGUAGE ISOLATE" AND HAS NEVER BEEN DECIPHERED – ALL TRANSLATIONS AS WELL AS ALL OF YOUR "SUMERIAN" REPRESENTATIONS, COME FROM THE INVADERS AND MURDERERS OF THE SUMERIANS, THE AKKADIANS AND ASSYRIANS – THE ANUNNAKI DID NOT CREATE 'MAN', THEY CREATED 'MANKIND' – Those guys with the fish costumes and the little (plague) bags are representations of the Anunnaki, who were the 'gods'of the invaders of Sumer, the Akkadians and Assyrians. The pine cones, actually 3 chemicals found within it, was used to 'splice' Neanderthal genes onto the Homo Sapien Y chromosomes 2, 3, 4, 9, 11, 12, and possibly 7. This Homo Sapien/Neanderthal hybrid was the first Anunnaki 'slave'. These Anunnaki 'killer gods' morphed into the current killer gods – The gods of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. What these killer gods have in common is; White Supremacy, Patriarchy, ritualized child abuse, slavery, gold hoarding and mass murder. These Homo Sapien/Neanderthal hybrids, run the world today, controlling all religious and secular institutions. They produce ALL the weapons used in all the wars and whose 'technology', has killed BILLIONS, pushed countless species to extinction and brought us all to the brink of planetary destruction. You may prefer to stay in your fluoride daze, and remain a follower of the Killer Gods. But just like those bible toting, fracking loving, war mongering, GOOD PEOPLE in central USA, are FEELING the effects of their fundamentally Anti Life ways, and the rest of us may soon follow. I sincerely hope more of you will find the god within, in order to perceive god within everything else…for the time is short…

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