NEW STAR WARS GAME but it's MOBILE… – Star Wars Gaming News

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Zynga has partnered with Disney to create a new STAR WARS GAME but mobile. Find out the latest Star Wars Gaming News in this video!
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  1. Anybody know what old Star Wars mobile game had a card battle, but your opponent was imperials as full on enemies? Basically you had cards with characters on your side, and the enemies were full fledged enemy models, not cards

  2. I used to play Star Wars Legacy, it was a really fun game. I didn't even finished it. I had ton of fun and I wish they bring it back. And it was my first star wars games on mobile and mmoprg.

  3. I don't like swgoh it is way too much p2w now. EA ruins everything they touch. I just started back playing SWC. I think the biggest issues is it can be real hard to win conflicts and the fragment system rewards too little amount of frags. If they maybe increased top rank in conflicts to 4% instead of 2% and give bigger amounts of fragments for rewards. It would help players unlock new units and lvl them up. Hopefully Zynga will add more content. A new planet would be nice.

  4. For the next top 5 mods of the week, you should use mods you excluded from the past, like mods from previous weeks. (Only if there aren’t 5 mods again tho) (Keep up the great content, even when people keep saying the game is “dead” or “stupid”, you continue to do what you enjoy! Keep doing what YOU want to do, and remember, we, your fans, will support you!)

  5. Zynga and Star Wars……….now there is a recipe for a PERFECT ungodly bad star wars game that will make Command and Conquer Rivals look like the greatest game ever

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