New Gundam Breaker – PS4/PC – Ready to launch (Release trailer)

NEW GUNDAM BREAKER releases today on PS4 (later this summer on PC).
Break down the barriers of your imagination to create the ultimate Gunpla from countless parts available and lead it to battle to carve your name in the hall of fame of the Gundam Universe!

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  1. I bought this game yesterday on steam and it sucked sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad I had to refund it and got my money back and cost me 80 bucks…. Gundam Breaker 2 and 3 is the best. This one sucks horribly. I don't recommend.

  2. I’m sorry. No disrespect to anyone who likes this, but the game is complete crap. Compared to GB3 this is a step into the trash can. You should not have even bothered bringing this to NA and continued with dlc and updates to Gundam Versus. The look, feel and gameplay are choppy, slow and disgustingly repetitive. Now it will probably be another 15 to 20 years before we even get another decent gundam game here if ever. Thanks for nothing Bandai. NGB = 🤮 in my opinion, although it seems my opinion is widely shared.

  3. Just go and check the gameplay on PS4 and think about it worth or not. Gundam IP is ruined by this game, PVP or PVE only can do the quest for the point not really fighting each other, EX skill hard to use whatever u have the skills u wan but u never use it until end game : ' D . Part will drop when broke and u will keep take part in the fight drop by enemy, like u cant use ur dream gundam for a fight like Gundam Build Fighter and Gundam Build Fighter TRY. This is just my opinion and u still can buy it and play it, every game will have good and bad, for me, New Gundam Breaker's graphic is better than Gundam Breaker 3, thts all ( The only good lol ). U can ignore what i say because everyone is different, for me, I cant enjoy this game, Thats all 🙂

    I hope in one day, will have a Gundam Breaker like Gundam Build Driver ( GBN !!!!!! )

  4. This is an absolutely ridiculous move by Bandai Namco, releasing a product with terrible gameplay, dated UI and sorely lacking in optimisation fixes and having nothing to say about it. Just absolutely disappointing, every time I play the game my blood pressure rises.

  5. Pls go buy breaker 3 better to buy this "new gundam breaker" …better and cheaper . Bandai pls answer me why builder parts not function at all ? Then what the point put those parts on my custom? AND wtf we need to deliver 5 parts per time to put into a box then only we can get those parts!? Why not just like gb3 ??? STUPID

  6. So mad this is the Gundam game they decide to give PC on it's first arrival outside Japan. I would have much rather they gave us a port of the Gundam Battle Chronicle PSP series of games which really felt like piloting an actual mobile suit, but instead we get this garbage? Don't get me wrong! I love the ability to essentially create your own mobile suit by mixing and matching parts and painting and such. I'm just disappointed that we're getting a buggy almost unplayable mess based on the reactions from Japanese players to people in this comments section. Ugh it hurts being a Gundam fan right now.

  7. THIS is what Pro marketing will do for a SHIT built game. Makes it LOOK GREAT….. UNTIL you PLAY it. And then the outrage ensues. 👎👎Please fix this if possible Bandai Namco. Don't screw one of our favorite franchises like this. 🤞🙏🙏

  8. Shame on you Bandai Namco, this game has already disappointed many after its release. Pushing a game by editing making it look faster than it is. Terrible and unplayable game mechanics and other blemishes. Check Amazon reviews for details on where this game fails. Hope the game is patched up majorly!!

  9. Since everyone seems to be dissatisfied could you all move to the taiwan server on MSGO? Unlike Japan it has (bad, but okay) english translation and you won't need a paid VPN. it'd be nice to know I'm not the ONLY english player I see actively.

  10. People who are whining saying this is a bad game please look and read. This is an incomplete game, they themselves said it was going to have future updates and patches before the game was released. And before anyone asks, yes I have played breaker 3 and admit it plays better. But this game is okay for the western audience who haven't seen or able to get their hands on the previous titles. Thank you for reading this if you got this far, if you can please speak up if I missed something.

  11. It’s really not as bad as people are saying, and it’s deeper than I thought. Yes, it has its flaws, but I think it will get better with age. If you like Gundam you should definitely get it.

  12. I saw some negative things about the game, but still thought it would be fun. I loved Breaker 2/3. I was absolutely unprepared for how terrible this game is. Do not purchase this game new. Do not purchase this game used. I have a high tolerance for trash. I beat Duke Nukem Forever and did not hate the experience. If I could use a time machine only once, it would be to stop myself from making this purchase.

    Learn from my mistake.

  13. DO NOT BUY THIS TRASH! Frame rate drops every 10 minutes online & offline, you have to buy Gunpla piece by piece if you want a full set & they are expensive as hell per piece (10,000 per piece minimum for basic grunt suits & 100,000 GP per piece maximum for Gundam pieces such as Gundam Bael or Star Build Gundam) or farm for hours trying to keep the pieces on you before they get knocked out of your inventory before the end of missions (if your lucky), there is literally 1 type of combat mode unlike past games where it's either defend & capture, defeat bosses or go through the stage defeating every enemy along the way. Now it's just complete random side missions that pop up during combat & whomever scores most points by completing the most side quests at the end of the timer wins, completely defeating the enemy team's Gunpla means nothing but to stall them for a few seconds before they respawn, also, you can die unlimited amount of times before timer runs out. Story is generic as hell as well. Fight bullies, fight evil student council, reform everyone through the power of friendship & love of Gunpla, etc. I wanted to have faith in this game Bandai Namco but it was nothing but a disappointment.

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