New audio increases pressure on Trudeau in SNC-Lavalin affair – BBC News

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Former Canadian Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould releases a recording to bolster her version of events in the SNC-Lavalin case.

The audio is from a December 2018 phone call she conducted with Michael Wernick, the former clerk of the privy council.

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  1. lol and the Liberals only response to this is to say how " shocking and wrong" Jody was for not telling him she was recording this phone call. So let me get this straight you losers can break any law and its just Jody and everyone else is experiencing this situation differently and she is in the wrong? like to see the CBC spin this one.

  2. Only a few months now, until the Trudeau regime falls. All its tyranny of word and thought. All its biased hate. All its intolerance over universities and employments. Good riddance, you foul dictator. You will not be missed.

  3. Look, Jesus mocked at being the husband of five wives, but a fool mocks sin. Read Isaiah 22 he walked out naked. Okay, when I say you to be or make eunuchs happy is he that takes heed. Deuteronomy 23 removal testicles, then the privy member Isaiah 56:4, Matthew 19:12. Hold on to your tithes and offering until you complete this. It is an androgynous look. The middle sex form is what gives a name higher than sons and daughter. Abstaining from marriage is not called eunuch, it is literal, see Acts Ethiopian eunuch. Now, all this fun transgender stuff, make sure you acquire the orchiectomy or v-pasty, the medical benefits are awesome everyone keeps telling me how big my butt has gotten. Tell your crush. Get rewards openly.

  4. Corruption… but, in all fairness, even though what she said was 100% right, she knew she was being recorded. It’s a sad day when as a government official, you have to record conversations, in order to protect your own integrity. Hopefully, the US is able to expose the liberal corruption going on here. I applaud the BBC for their reporting.

  5. Imagine if after like the tenth time he gives this week ‘Well uh he’s uh he’s in a pretty firm mood about this so’.

    She’d just been like ‘oh i didnt hear you. Absolutely i’ll do that. Perhaps i could have some money or drugs to pay me off or something’

  6. Jody was part of the government and she failed to protect the Canadians that would lose their jobs. She basically didn’t care the political fallout. She probably wanted the PM to go so that she could get his job.

    There’s ample evidence that she was not threatened but she was just asked the question why. Surely her boss had a right to ask why she didn’t use the tools available to her. This was a question of accountability. Yet, she seemed to think she didn’t need to be accountable.

    Her decisions obviously had consequences to a PM if he didn’t even try to save jobs. She obviously didn’t care about that. She didn’t even know she had collective ministerial responsibilities which she needed to protect her ministerial colleagues.

    She only cared about herself but she tried to convince everyone that she was protecting the constitution. That’s a coward act. Also she secretly taped the other person and she failed to ask consent before releasing the tape was not only unethical and inappropriate but again she did it for her own self interest. So while she tried to hold the moral high ground and yet she did the same kind of thing too. Why should anyone believe her?

    Lastly, she obviously had conflicts of interests and the more appropriate thing to do at that point was to resign. Did she do that? No she didn’t. She had rightly stated that she advised the PM to her best of her abilities. The PM could say that her best was not good enough. She might have solved the legal question but she didn’t solve the political question. As a senior legal officer within the government holding a cabinet position, she knew full well she was not doing her job. She was doing her job as a lawyer only but not as a government cabinet minister.

    In my view, she should be sacked for failing her duties or satisfactory discharging her duties.

  7. 5 mins of her saying: "No… I said no… no… yup i do mean no and this is not legal. " that part where he is repeatedlt mansplaining how "firm" Trudeau is and how to do her job. 🙄🤔… yup thats a mood.

  8. How nasty that you will choose vile globalist scheer thinking he's better. You all swim in the same cesspool. Dirty fuckery. Women with integrity we're taking back the leadership power and women schooled by the old white boys club stay the fuck home please. Dirty old white males. I had a female boss "I made pots of tea for my deputy now I'm a govt manager." Go figure. Dumb b–tch. I'm white make no mistake about that.

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