New Apple MacBook Air 2018 Reviewed in a Hot Air Balloon

After years of neglecting its MacBook Air, Apple has breathed new life into the beloved thin and light laptop. But does the new Air still have a great all-day battery? Can it pull ahead of Windows laptops? WSJ’s Joanna Stern went up in the air to find out.

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  1. The 3rd Generation price point makes absolute sense. It’s only $100 more than the base model iPhone XS Max. The MacBook Air is not a netbook nor a chrome book.

  2. Apple has slave chinese children making their overpriced technology that can not be fixed, only replaced. Also, President of the United States, Donald J Trump, only uses Apple technology…so it can't be all bad.

  3. Why? what s wrong with a desk in an office? Oh btw, please keep the other guy off screen. He is good with interesting subjects but when it comes to covering products he is extremely jaded.

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