Never-before-heard tapes of alleged Russian agent

Maria Butina spoke for the first time since her arrest, defending herself against accusations of courting conservative elite and power players in the NRA on behalf of the Russian government.


  1. Aledged,ABC isn't even trying to look like a real news organization. They report rumors like facts as long as it's anti Trump. What an embarrassment they are to the news business

  2. If she goes back to Russia she will have committed suicide by leaving a little note saying; "Goodbye cruel world", and then proceed to stab herself in the back 5 times while throwing herself off the top of a building!

  3. Their are thousands of spies like her all over the country, and to be honest this the dumbass country that ok those NSA spies right?
    Let’s just stop being friends with everyone especially the UN and let the NSA and HomeLand Clean house!!!

  4. she wanted to be spy but can't handle jail. Look here lil' girl, this business is for grown folks. And, your behind should stay in jail, is nothing compared to what Putin will do to you!

  5. Prison in America is heaven compared to prison in Russia. She's asking for death if she returns to Russia. She's not loyal to either country. She is a traitor to Russia now

  6. You pleaded guilty and now you say you are innocent? This woman founded a gun rights expansion group in Russia which was funded by a billionaire close to Putin, she traveled often to the US as an "assistant" to a Russian politician and top guy in Putin's United Russia Party, she became the lover of a Republican Party operative, penetrated the top echelons of the NRA, and during this time earned a Masters in International Relations at American University. Maybe they gave it to her for "life experience." It is suspected that her Russian politician funneled money to the Trump campaign through the NRA. These are the facts. Judge for yourselves.

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