Natalie Portman speaks at Women's March

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Actress Natalie Portman speaks at the Women’s March in Los Angeles.


  1. Darth Vader couldn't satisfy her could he?. She's very lucky she's pretty and can act. She talks, but she doesn't say anything. You would think someone who went to Harvard would be smarter.

  2. We "Good Guys" ™ have let other Monster Men scare women away from the sex they are biologically programmed to want as much as we do …

    SO DUDES … next time you're lonely, can't get the real phone number … wonder what the hell?

    This is why … we let Monster Men be such asshats to women that women want nothing to do with most of us.

    And even if "most men" are not like that … until women SEE us confronting those Monster Men … they're going to assume that we're complicit in our silence.

    We all agree by lack of effort to let those Monster Men define us.

  3. A revolution of desire sounds weak. It appears to me these women are fighting for the position of patriarchy they condemn the men for. It seems they dont want balance but ultimate power and control. It all sounds so hypocritical to me. Women being underpriveledged in america seems like a delusional joke to me, women being bored and looking for the next fight to pick. It's like women are fighting to overthrow all dignity and self respect out.

  4. She rejected any role that included a kissing scene at the age of 13? Wow, using a bit of common sense against the immoral Hollywood? Is this the same Hollywood that wants to dictate our moral values now?

  5. Ow good The news came on and what is it again feminism🤔 right Prime example Star Wars so let’s compare pay rate I’m a 32 year old man YES A MAN🤷‍♂️ i’ll take a guess you didn’t work on a hourly rate but what the characters importance to the story was. I was volunteering at movies by Burswood Perth W.A. when I did see you in a movie 🍿 Long time ago shame you know what I’m talking about😘. I will just say girls like you can’t stand The fuss not been all about you.

  6. "The prefect victim" that's the moneymaker face. Actresses who play damsel in Despair are the majority of actresses. Its natural that we should be drawn to characters that allow us to fulfill our natural role as white knight. That's how reproductive evolutionary psychology works.

  7. This is the only video I could find about the Woman's March on CNN.
    It appears the roaring, rolling movement turns out to be a dud.
    By far, The March for Life unified all women and men, reaching far and wide. That march was a success!

  8. The whole speech was fine until she said the last sentence!! A revolution of desire!!!
    The problem with most feminists is that they think that the only way to achieve justice for women is by turning women into prostitutes!! Modesty is beautiful, education is great, and they can both be unisex!!

  9. unlike the earlier Womens Rights Movement, Modern Feminism is NOT about equal opportunity nor is it about real diversity.
    if we follow the real world effects of MF's doctrines -which includes the masculinization of women and the feminization of men-any biologist should realize that MF seeks more than the destruction of the "patriarchy", it actually is designed to destroy marriage, the family unit thus society.
    this pathology is ANTI feminine and more in line with Frankfurt School Marxism, wherein
    liberal democratic civilization is "liquidated",to be replaced by a new global Soviet system.
    unlike MGTOW ,i refuse to resort to condemning ALL women as potential enemies ,even though the feminists amongst them ARE most hypocritical and now too legally dangerous to men for to be trusted in any relationship nor in the workplace.

  10. American men you need to put your fucking pussies in their place, they sit their and whine about how hard they have it, when they have it better than you ffs and you all just sit there like some emasculated white knight faggots. Sickening.

  11. The Women's March is ran by four co-chairs. Three of those leaders have a connection to Louis Farrakhan and anti-Semitism. How can anyone with any conscience at all march alongside of that ?

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