My portion sizes are NOT your art project – idubbbz complains

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Have YOU experienced dumb portion sizes? Tell me what restaurant chains have annoying/senseless practices

Starbucks and coldstone can soak my node

MORE POINTLESS RANTS ON THE WAY. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (dont say me, or any of my series) ‘idubbbztv2 is open season tho) heh heh heh


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  1. I think this has actually prevented me from buying Cold Stone ice cream before. I was like “Hmmm I COULD get Cold Stone, but then I’d have to publicly embarrass myself with their stupid ass lingo.”

  2. A legit logical argument against the linguistic variety we're faced with incorporating into our lexicons. But tbh I kinda like this phenomenon…I'm weird tho.

  3. I love how you brought up social anxiety because I truly believe that is a huge factor in people not wanting to order these stupid fucking sizes, it's awkward, confusing and if you fuck up the pronunciation it's embarrassing as hell. It's pretty fucking ridiculous! At least that's how I feel personally.

  4. If I go to a restaurant and they get snippy with me for not using the right lingo, I'm popping out. No reason to get that upset for not speaking the secret language.

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