Most Memorable Moments in NFL HISTORY Part 1

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  1. There is something magical about a ball carrier breaking tackles and reaching the endzone. It can be in my backyard or the superbowl. It's always special.

  2. Where's all the Patriots moments? It's so funny to me growing up in New England having the worst football team for the first two decades of my life, and watching true "haters" pop up all over the place after they start winning with the greatest quarterback of all time playing for the. Greatest coach of all time. I mean the helmet catch was a good catch but does it compare to the Vinatieri field goals in the snow? The 2016 comenabck down 25 points at the half? Tom Brady and Adam Vinatieri each have at least a dozen moments that make the Cam NEwton flip and 85% of these "moments" look like high school ball. Come on don't make a "most memorable" video if you're so beat down by the Pats that you can't make unbiased choices

  3. I love that our Sea Hawks had a few of these highlights especially the run that became the "Beast Mode". But that was overshadowed by the interception that came at the very very very end of the amazing Super Bowl game.

    With Beast Mode (I'm only here so I don't get fined) Marshawn Lynch on the field on like 2nd down a pass was called! O_o We shall never know

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