Monopoly For Millennials Is Here And People Are Not That Happy About It | TIME

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Hasbro is standing by its new version of Monopoly for Millennials, despite the fact that many millennials are not loving it.
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  1. Seriously? so you want me to pay you some cash so for you to ridiculize my generation… Growing up is not had, I actually feel that Hasbro are a company of idiots children or really heartless people.

  2. Being born in 1985, I have the ‘right’ to identify as whatever I want (bring a millennial and all). So I choose not to identify as a millennial. I got a job, bought a house, paid off all my debt and don’t blame others for my problems. Cheers monopoly great game idea.

  3. Having been born in 1981 I can't say I really identify much with millennials. Newsweek claims 1977, New York Times claims 1976 which is way too early. In other words, no one can really seem to agree when the millennial generation began. I've always attributed them has always having the internet but barely remember dial up or have always had cell phones and can't figure out why a landline would have a "hashtag" button.

  4. one thing is for sure…this boomer generation who made this game and watches callously on as another generation, the third generation , is hopelessly ruined by them….is that even though these boomer grandparents, parents and hasbro CEO's made this a 'game' there shoul have been lots of houses, lots of cars, lots of clothes, lots of food, lots of eerything…because in only about five to ten years there it will all be…freely into the hands of millinials…yes hasbro and boomers who will definately not live forever…your new cars and houses will not go to waste Thanks To God The Father Almighty who is building not only new houses and subdivisions and tearing down the old crap the boomers tried to leave behind…and making all new easy to use and care for things…KNOWING that this america and canada has totally hated and abandoned all of its children making them all orphans…when God Is He Has Been for three generastions now…since the 1980's….you see He developed electronics, fuel efficiency, hot water on demand, cell phones, big houses and easy to maintain houses KNOWINGa that millinials will be the ones to inherit it…Hasbro has just illustrated how aa whole nation not only abandoned its children but bullies them and beats them down so far..that ONLY GOD will be the one to GIVE THEM EVERYTHING>>>NICER THINGS>>>EASILY…and FREELy..not one boomer or hasbro person is going to die without knowing GOD DID THIS FOR HIS CHILDREN…the ones the whole society had thrown away…and in a like manner they will not care when HE throws them away in the same exact way… because of their audocious smugness and heartless cruelty to their own children en masse..the most wealthy nations made their children paupers…It IS NOT PLEASING TO GOD…yes Godless boomers…when you die make sure you maintain how 'its ok to treat people that way…because that is exactly the treatment you all will get eternally…while the millinials and the two generations before them..reap everything you all sowed…they will get every penny, every house, every car, every thing…and anyone who tries for them not to get much more will everything God has for those also be taken completely away…for that…you will not even call yourselves..humans or 'men' hasbro and will be the Stupidest Manthings that ever dwelt on earth…..the only 'love' the supposed beatles generation of boomers gave the world was pedophile

  5. Tarot shop?Lol Play card games with tarot. Google "talon a tarot card game" and download free rulebook . Its better than Monopoly. No player elimination and no role and move

  6. Why is everyone so fucking salty and offended all the time. I'm 25 and i would love to play it. It looks funny and the stereotype is true. That's probably why there are people butthurt over this.

  7. Millenials (my generation) are the biggest batch of whiners probably in human history. Everything is amazing all the time and all we do is bitch and moan and complain. If you want a job, go where the jobs are. If you want a house, go where property is cheap. There are nice towns and regions all over Canada and the USA that have cheap land, cheap houses, and badly need younger workers. It's these city people…. "Oh I grew up in Vancouver/Toronto, why don't I automatically get a 6 figure management job and a 4 bedroom house immediately after graduating with my feminist anthropology degree?? That's inequality! It's the patrarchy's fault!"

  8. As applied by the ages given by Hasbro it said that I was a millennial, and I find this game funny. Many millennials don’t know how to take a joke.

  9. Why did Hasbro think that people would want to buy a game version of Monopoly that makes fun of their generation. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. And then calling out Millennials as babies for not liking this is so stupid. I mean what generation would be like ohh cool a game that makes fun me I have to buy it said no one at all. This is dumb and I'm not even a Millennial.

  10. This is why anybody who wants more than a HS education should enlist in one of the 4 US Military branches, give Uncle Sam 4 years, and let him pay for your "higher education" through the GI Bill. The military will not only give you a paycheck but they will teach you a trade at the same time. Win, win.

  11. Millennials being offended by this simply reinforces millennial stereotypes. And maybe if you hadn't CHOSEN to take on a crippling amount of school debt, you would've some more disposable income.

  12. I mean the only reason it rubs me the wrong way is because it's capitalizing on the fact that a generation is so far in debt we can't own property like… who thought that'd be a funny tag line? The Instagram stuff, vegan candles, and general ridiculousness that millennials do exhibit is a fun parody, not a generation's suffering that's the result of a system rigged against everyone not already rich.

  13. just keep drawing the line between people by pointing out differences in generations then making into "news." way to go time! i used to read u when i was like 10 back when my IQ fit your material.

  14. Who on Earth would have ever thought that the generation that invented the "trigger warning" would get upset over a game satirizing that generation?

  15. As a millennial, I am deeply amused by this game. I'm also deeply amused by that third tweet. "…the board is on fire for some reason and everything is your fault." Bwahaha!

  16. When is Boomer Monopoly coming out? You start of with no debt, and get a decent job on your first turn! Even if you flunked out or quit school you still get a job and a house! Then at the end of the game you elect Ronnie ragan and give the rich tax cuts! And finally wait the rest of the game for the money to trickle down! "Hint, it never will!" THE END!

  17. Created by office executives that will be paying Millennials to wipe their butts in twenty years. Also heavily advertised on Facebook created by a Millennial. Hehehehe. Love it!

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