Mom was told her newborn was dead. Decades later, they met

Connie Moultroup describes the “instant connection” after meeting her biological mother for the first time, who was told she died at birth 69 years ago before she was put up for adoption. #CNN #News


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  2. …so WHY??? Why was she told that her child is dead????? W. H. Y.??? That's the story behind this great reunion. Please do follow up, don't they deserve it?

  3. I'm sure every one wants the know… Who was responsible and what happened to the people or person that did this? Another takeaway, when you know something is missing in your spirit, go find it. Happy Holidays to all!

  4. Can anyone tell me, and millions of other listners why people keep saying "You Know". We do not know. If we did know, we wouldn't have to listen to this drivel. Why don't you people obtain some form of education. Use English correctly. It is a wonderful language.

  5. In the seventies in Greenpoint Brooklyn NY there was a gynecologist dr Gordon and dr Calame on Mcguinness Blvd. corner of Nassau Ave, who told a lot of young mothers that their babies died at birth and I was one of them. I never got over this fact. The baby was never shown to me to prevent shock to me and his body was buried in a Catholic cemetery by them, they even gave me the plot number on a certificate. I never went there to this day I feel that they were in a joint crooked evil group working with the Brooklyn hospital nurses . I got an autopsy report that the boy was chocked with the umbilical cord at birth. Meanwhile it was January New Years and the dr. Was dressed in his tuxedo while I was in labor he was rushing to go out. It was the most horrible day of my life I was 23 then and knew nothing, trusted the drs. Years later hearing this type of stories and how kids find their real mothers and vice versa I’m shocked. I still think about my son who might be dead but might be alive someplace. These drs are dead now. Go figure.

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