Michigan Football Rumors: Zach Harrison to Michigan? Tarik Black Playing? Shea Patterson’s 2019 Plan

Zach Harrison committing to Michigan? James Yoder, the face of Michigan Football Media ( with some HUGE news on Michigan Football recruiting for today’s 15 Michigan Football Rumors that are buzzing this week on the internet. Today’s Michigan Football rumors are presented by BetDSI – Sign up with BetDSI at and use promo code GOBLUE to get 120% cash bonus and bet on college football this weekend AND a FREE Michigan Football maize…


  1. Warriner is doing an awesome job with Michigan's offensive line. The line has made monumental improvement since last year. Warriner needs a huge pay raise and make sure he stays at Michigan!!!!!

  2. Are OSU fans obsessed with Michigan? YES YES & YES…Yoder you should do an episode on this point. I went to opening day for OSU (1st game of the season) and they played University of Buffalo a few years back and I was shocked to see about 50+ tailgate flags with stuff like Michigan’s sucks, Screw Michigan & much more. They were even chanting slogans about Michigan sucking, etc…my wife who had never been to a football game asked me if OSU was playing Michigan & I looked at her and said no. She couldn’t wrap her head around it. She kept asking what do you mean? They are chanting derogatory things about Michigan and Michigan sucks, etc flags everywhere & people with Michigan sucks shirts walking around yet they aren’t playing Michigan? Again I said no..THATS HOW MUCH THEY HATE US. Go Blue! Do a video on how much OSU hates us brother. Love the show

  3. I have seen only 1 other writer who has addressed what I saw at Wisconsin. Shea HOLDS THE BALL WAY WAY TO LONG. He held the ball for at least 6 seconds on 90% of the pass plays before he either scrambled, threw it out of bound, threw the ball or got sacked. This was against a secondary that was chalked FULL of 2 & 3rd string DB’s & safety’s. 1 of the starters came in after the half and he is a freshman. Against MSU? We will get crushed if he does that again

  4. I was curious… Are you going to call for benching "little Jon Runyan" and JBB in your next video? Pretty sure they're the two best linemen last Saturday. Just throwing that out there.

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