Michael Cohen tells friends he doesn’t think Trump would pardon him

Michael Cohen has recently told friends that he is pessimistic that President Donald Trump will offer him a pardon — one more indication that Cohen does not believe his former boss will have his back.


  1. Alright Jerked off CNN and all your zombie loyalists.
    Again in a recent bullshit article of yours regarding Cohen stating that the TRUTH is no friend of the President's or Rudy Giuliani's.
    'YOUR UNKNOWN SOURCES' have brought forth this info to you. The TRUTH is no friend of yours!
    Your 'News' network (?) is doomed. LOL.
    Am I to actually believe the President is afraid or feels guilty of something when out of the mouth of Cohen himself, he doesn't feel the President will pardon him? More than likely because the President did nothing wrong concerning the Whore Stormy and isn't a bit concerned as to Cohen 'exposing' anything on him. If he were afraid of what Cohen might have on him he would do whatever it takes to keep him quiet. That's just me though, you DUMB SHITHEAD LYING SCUM.
    Also, as a sidenote. This MAN, President Trump is someone of his word. He keeps every promise he makes. Am I to actually believe douchebags like YOU instead of my Great President????
    President Trump 2020 by 80%!!!

  2. It’s funny how he spent years doing dirt for Trump but now that he’s caught he’s putting his family first. Your family is already damaged from this. Should’ve put them first before you became Trumps boytoy

  3. just shut up and stop whining about whyTrump don't love you anymore? jf you have one speck of decency left or if you ever had any, protect yourself and your family you know you're dealing with Satan himself, you know where all the body's are buried where and why all the crimes were committed? boy, protect your wife and kids, mom, dad loved ones, and spill your whole guts to Mueller with protection for all!

  4. because he won’t. trump only likes cohen if he shuts up and takes the fall like a good little boy. the second cohen tries to save himself, trump will try to make a martyr of him.

  5. Actually this represents an existential crisis for Cohen— He has the opportunity now to come clean and let the chips fall where they may regardless of receiving a pardon or not. I hope the turmoil that's now part of his daily life has made him see the light and he does the right thing for it's own sake. I view the people that trump has surrounded himself with as unethical rats– but humans are capable of change, that's a basic tenet of Christianity. If moving forward he tells the truth there is the possibility of redemption— if he chooses to just continue lying and obfuscating then he remains a rat of course and there's virtually no chance that at the end of his life he will look back and say well I did this the way it should have been done.

  6. Mueller is going picking them apart, slowly and methodically. Trump will not be spared. Maybe Trump will work out a deal with Putin to get asylum in Russia.

  7. Trump is clearly a psychotic narcissist! Therefore he has no human feelings for anyone but himself!..He has no friends, people are there to be used up, and then, discarded!..Cohen has realised this! Trump just doesn't have use for him anymore!..No pardon! But Cohen 'knows things'! His threat to flip, is just that! A threat! He's telling Trump "Look after me..Or else..I know things about you, and what you've done!" So Trump has been warned!..Interesting to see what he does now?

  8. The Democratic Party is dead. The left is dead and progressives are dead too. The Deep State is fighting for survival, and you leftist progressives, who call yourselves tolerant and who fight for the underprivileged and minorities, are fighting for the people who control this country with lies and with Hollywood. Trump's popularity continues to grow despite MSM attacks. Nothing will stop Trump's train. Nothing. Face it, you're just brainwashed. Keep fighting for the Democratic Party, the KKK's party, keep callingTrump a white supremacist and a Nazi, when Ivanka is Jewish, and Trump's granddaughters are Jewish. The Republican Party liberated Black people and destroyed slavery. LBJ set up a welfare state for the black community that has destroyed and impoverished them. Take the red pill and wake up. # walkaway

  9. Just more of the temper tantrum by you guys at CNN and your buddies. Your really not going to like our great president in 2020. Except the money you people make through your hate and jealousy. We got you the president owns you. MAGA

  10. Trump only cares for Trump, he's draining his own swamp! How can anyone take him serious. He reminds me of the big bad wolf in the children's book the Three Little Pigs.

  11. These ple don't seem to get it – you ONLY NEED A PARDON IF YOU COMMITTED A FELONY! Cohen can only hurt trump if he knows/can prove trump committed a FELONY! TV heads are ignoring the crimes and treating like a sports game

  12. Trump keeps saying that there was no collusion, BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT WE KNOW HE COLLUDED WITH THE RUSSIANS. Trump keeps saying that the Muller investigation is a Witch-hunt, BECAUSE TRUMP IS OBSTRUCTING THE INVESTIGATION TO COVER UP HIS COLLUSION WITH THE RUSSIANS. And finally, Trump keeps calling the media the Enemy of the people, (Which goes against our Constitution), BECAUSE TRUMP DOES NO LIKE IT WHEN THE MEDIA EXPOSES HIS OBSTRUCTION OF THE INVESTIGATION OF HIS COLLUSION WITH THE RUSSIANS. And because Trump thinks that if he repeats a lie over and over, people will believe it's true, is that true ?

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