Michael Avenatti arrested, charged with extortion

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Avenatti, who was arrested in New York City, stands accused of attempting to extort Nike for $20 million and faces additional fraud charges.


  1. He did exactly what Trump did about lying thst<he had more money so he could get a bigger loan. He gets arrested but with Trump it's ok. I am really beginning to think perhaps Donald is getting even. I'm beginning to think about justice in our country.

  2. Hey but there has to be some validity to both….Nike has broken NCAA rules and Avernatti was trying to extort them.Its not coincidence that they reported him the eve before stocks…….Avernatti is a snake but NIKE is not clean.

  3. This guy gives shysters a bad name – seven figure embezzlement of clients, seven figure bank fraud. attempted eight figure extortion. Anything else, one has to wonder? And he beats women up, apparently. What an absolute charmer – if anyone ever deserved to be locked up a federal jail for many, many years ……

  4. Lets talk about how Trump has Rkelly living in his Trump Towers hotel in Chicago with Rkellys Human trafficked girls that he kidnapped and statutory raped. Meanwhile Trump wants to build a wall to stop human trafficking and rapists.

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