Melania Trump’s poll numbers plummet

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Melania Trump’s favorable rating has fallen by double-digits, according to a new CNN poll. The first lady, whose favorability stood at 54% in October, has slipped to 43% in just two months.
Additionally, 36% of those polled found her unfavorable, a 6-point increase since October.
The 11-point drop-off is notable for Trump, who has for most of 2018 maintained positive polling numbers, staying in the high-40s to high-50s. However, unlike the numbers of her husband, who has steadily maintained a favorable rating of about 40%, public opinion of the first lady has varied.
Melania Trump’s popularity peaked in early May of this year at 57%, following her first official State Dinner in late April, a public coming-out of sorts for the extremely private first lady. It was also on the heels of Trump’s solo trip to Houston, Texas, to attend the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush, where she posed, smiling, for a photograph with living former presidents and first ladies, many of whom have icy relationships with her husband.
A June survey, taken weeks after the announcement of her “Be Best” initiative and her subsequent hospitalization for a kidney procedure, which kept her out of the public eye for almost three weeks, Trump maintained strong favorable ratings at 51%.
This most recent poll is still 13 points higher than the first lady’s lowest polling numbers, which occurred in January 2017, days prior to her husband’s inauguration; at that time, her favorability stood at 36%, her unfavorable at 35% — 23% had no opinion of her at all.
These new numbers reflect Trump maintains her strongest support from older, white, male Republicans and conservatives, while her biggest detractors are women, mainly younger and those who are college-educated.

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  1. I really thought she would have been a champion for women I thought you would have been a champion for those kids locked up in a cage because she's an immigrant I thought you would have some compassion but no they only see us when they want a vote

  2. when i saw wolf with a glass of champagne at hillarys democratic nomination toasting her in the arena , i knew he lost all credibility as a journalist, independant my !@#$#@#%^Y^

  3. What poll numbers? Gtfoh. Girl bye . That ole hoe needs to return that money her and her friend stole of other people's money ya'll fake ass republicans always speaking of. Like it's just ya'll money been spent around here. Meanwhile their asses rich not even paying taxes. Or, not by comparison what they should be. We the ones stay up in stores buying food while ya'll eating free on us or each other.

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