Mayor: NYC helicopter crash could have been a bigger tragedy

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CNN’s Jake Tapper has the latest out of New York after a helicopter crashed into a Manhattan building, killing the pilot. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks with CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the deadly incident. #CNN #News


  1. It was published that the pilot´s name was Timothy J. McCormick who lived in Clinton Corners, NY. He was also a respected Fire Chief with the Clinton Corners (Dutchess County) NY Fire Department. He was a hero. May he Rest In Peace.

  2. FDNY should get everything they want! Heroes! Awards. New Radios. Whatever they want!
    (Remember Guiliani, yes same, didn't give FDNY their new radios and ended up killing them during 911 because they didn't hear the order to evacuate the twin towers?)
    Cue trump attack on being attack by helicopter crash…everything's about him.

  3. ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
    Why does it sound like a subliminal message…..
    Never trust CNN……
    Where the fuck is Homeland security ?
    Where the f*** is the secret service ?
    34 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 🇯🇵

  4. Oh, god, deja vu! Many years ago, I was attending a hearing in Illinois, but one of the lawyers didn't show up. We learned, about an hour later that he'd been cut to ribbons on a heliport in downtown NYC. That experience ramped up my compassion quotient for the rest of my life. Here was someone I KNEW.

  5. I hope Deblasio installed Solar Power or Energy Power through out NYC. Deblasio looked strange. The dark side of New York. Did you checked to renew the fuse of the building????

  6. And no word from cnn on the Muslim from Bangladesh that was caught by undercover officers a couple days ago for plotting terrorist attack in time square.cnn is supporter of Islamic terroist organizations.

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